One Dumbbell Workout

One Dumbbell Workout

40-Minute One Dumbbell Workout

At the time of writing this blog it is 13 days before Christmas and I just bought our Christmas decoration.


Yup. A bottle of Carolan’s is our decoration.

Why, you wonder? Well, it’s the only decoration I feel like buying every year.

You see, we don’t own one decoration.

Nada. Nothing.

We had a tree about 20 years ago, when we first got married, but I lost enthusiasm for the whole “decorating” for the holidays after a couple of years and gave away all our ornaments (which were hand-me-downs anyways – cause I was too cheap to buy anything and friends of ours took pity on us and gave us all of their old decorations).

Ever since I gave away the ornaments I haven’t bothered to replace them.

It’s not cause I hate Christmas, either. It’s just simply I don’t want to add anymore stuff to do to my agenda in December.

If I need to get lit up for the holidays I will do so in other ways 🙂

Fitness Christmas Gift Suggestions

A Studio membership. HAHAHAHAHA. I know, total blatant self-promotion. But… we do rock.

Foam roller – so your loved one can save some money on a massage therapist. I dig this one .

This shirt:Funny-fitness-tank-top

A subscription to a meditation app. I love Headspace.

A subscription to a local produce delivery service.

Smartphone running arm band.

Dumbbells… cause who doesn’t love some iron for the holidays.


A cool yoga mat sling.


A cool workout bag.


A little bling.


The coziest sweatshirt ever.



The Workout

Tools needed: a light, moderate and heavy dumbbell




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PJ ox

Low Impact Cardio Workout

Low Impact Cardio Workout

30-Minute Low Impact Cardio

This 30-minute low impact cardio workout is perfect if you have sensitive knees, or your bladder can’t handle the jumping, or you are simply tired of your boobs bouncing around when you do.

I pee when I jump

Leaking when you exercise is actually very common, and can happen to everyone from casual weekend warriors to serious athletes.

This “leaking” is known medically as stress continence, and happens especially during workouts that included a lot of jumping.

With stress incontinence, the sphincter pelvic muscles, which support the bladder and urethra, are weakened and the sphincter is not able to prevent urine from flowing when pressure is placed on the abdomen . such as when you cough, laugh, lift something heavy, or during certain forms of exercise such as running and jumping.

To avoid this you need to strengthen the deep core muscles, as well as the diaphragm and the pelvic floor .

So, strengthening these three is critical to decreasing or eliminating the severity of the stress continence.

For ideas, and more on this topic check out this blog by SheKnows.


The Workout




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50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

Sweaty mess. Yup, that’s what you’re gonna be after this workout.

But, I know, you love that kinda of sh*t!

I mean, we exercise to see improvement, don’t we?

To see improvement to our fitness, our health and sometimes even our waistline.

I have never had anyone hire me to get them to workout so they could stay the same?!?!

Nope, everyone wants to see some change and to see these improvements and changes we gotta push the limits of what we can do and sweat.

The Workout

sweaty mess workout for women



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All Levels Strength & Abs Workout

All Levels Strength & Abs Workout

All Levels Strength & Abs

This workout is perfect for all levels of fitness and only requires one pair of moderate sized weights – and pretty much everyone has a pair of dumbbells lying around.

TIP: If you don’t have any dumbbells, head to Varage on Facebook, or Craig’s List to pick some up cheap. Or, don’t bother with the fuss of hunting a pair down second-hand and head to your local fitness store. Expect to pay $1.19 – $1.49 a pound.

In my All-Levels Strength & Abs Workout I have set it up so if you don’t have time for my special ab drill you can cut the workout short and skip the abs.

But… if you are cutting out early cause you just don’t feel like doing the abs, know that for every ab crunch not performed an angel loses its wings.

So, don’t be responsible for angel cruelty.



10 Things I Miss The Most From My Youth

1. My mind.

2. My eyesight.

3. Sleep.

4. School and all it’s holidays, professional days and summer vacation.

5. My allowance.

6. Santa Claus.

7. Inexpensive gasoline.

8. The illusion of invincibility.

9. Gravity (it’s mean to those of us over 45).

10. It takes twice as long now to look half as good.

10 Things I Love About Being Over 45

1. Love. In particular with loving husband.

2. Fearlessness, as opposed to my younger self’s recklessness.

3. I don’t sweat the small stuff.

4. I don’t know it all, as opposed to my younger self who did.

5. My idea of a night out is Netflix and cocktails.

6. No need for feminine hygiene products.

7. I can live without sex, but not without my reading glasses.

8. ?

9. ??

10. ???

The Workout




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