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Inner & Outer Thigh Workout

Inner & Outer Thigh Workout for Women Over 40 ⁣I feel you are going to LOVE this workout. My inner thighs were sore for days after filming this workout - which means you may feel the "love" for days too! And that is a GOOD thing, little grasshopper! You see the...

Butt & Thigh Cardio Workout

Butt & Thigh Cardio Workout for Women Over 40 For this workout, we are hitting all my favourite areas to train: the quads, hamstrings, hips & glutes, with one of my favourite training protocols - HIIT (high-intensity interval training). I've got low and high...

Leg Day Workout for Women with Dumbbells

Leg Day Workout for Women with Dumbbells for Women Over 40 Join in on the leg, booty, hips, core fun! This workout targets EVERYTHING from the waist down. We train the body in functional movement patterns (hello step-ups & lunges), which in turn will strengthen...

Glute Band Tabata Workout

Glute Band Tabata Workout for Women Over 40 I am not going to lie. This workout is hard and you aren't going to like me very much when we get to exercise #3. It's tough, it burns, and it kinda sucks. BUT.... I was very proud of myself after the 8 rounds, and now I am...

Full Body Strength Workout Using the BOSU

Full Body Strength Workout Using the BOSU for Women Over 40 This workout is very simple in its programming. I took four compound, multi-joint exercises that train as many muscles as possible, and I lead you through those moves for three sets. We do not dick around in...

About Me

I am YouTube’s tough love trainer.

Since 1994 I have been helping women over the age of 40 become stronger, fitter, fiercer.

I am also over 40 – so I know firsthand that our workout needs are different than they were 10-20 years ago.


“Absolutely love the workouts. PJ has a funny and relaxed style, and her workouts really kick my butt!”

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I am so glad I found your workouts! You are one of my top go-to’s for my fitness needs.

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