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 Step-by-step at-home workouts and programs for women over 40. No gimmicks, or BS – just results.



When you are over 40 not everything works 100%, 100% of the time.

Most of my online members come to me because the workouts they are currently doing is making them feel worse, and at times, sending them to their doctor.

Every one of my programs and workouts I will show modifications, low impact options, and how to sub out moves for the common offenders (hello shoulders, low back, and knees).

With these cues and moves you will feel successful… and get you the results that you deserve!


In 3 weeks, I lost 10lbs but I feel like I lost 20. My metabolism is amazing and I feel terrific. Thank you!!

Mary T

I see and feel many changes in my body. I’m stronger and have better mobility.

Angel F

I am a 3-year breast cancer survivor and your workouts are helping me regain my strength.

Julie C

I love the changes to my body! I feel so much stronger.

Jacky R


30-Day Osteoporosis Bone-Building Fitness Program

A program for osteoporosis & osteopenia. Because your needs are different.

And because you deserve to continue living your best life.



 Stop measuring your progress with a scale.⁣

Because our minds will play tricks with us if we use a scale (or a mirror) as a testament to our progress.⁣

The scale will show a number that frustrates us, and a mirror will magnify those lumps and bumps – most of which others don’t even see. ⁣

Instead, let’s start measuring our progress with the size of our dumbbells⁣.

Because dumbbells won’t make us feel bad like a scale can, and dumbbells won’t lie to us like a mirror will.⁣

Screw diets, but also screw being soft & flabby, and instead let’s be fit, strong & fearless of over 40.

Give me a Hell Yay if you’re with me.


YouTube channel specifically for women over 40. No fads, no BS.


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All Standing Low Impact Cardio + Mat Abs For Women Over 40

27-Minute All Standing Low Impact Cardio + Mat Abs For Women Over 40 Day 2 of the Unstoppable Challenge. This quick low impact cardio workout is a ton of fun. You'll perform 6 different exercises for two circuits. All of the moves are low impact, and I show you where...

Lunge Variations & Lunge Alternatives

11-Minute Lunge Variations & Lunge Alternatives In this episode of Ask PJ Anything, I'll review what muscles are worked in a forward, reverse and side lunge and how to tweak the lunge so they don't hurt the knees and some lunge alternatives. If you get sore knees...

Total Body Strength & Cardio with Dumbbells For Women Over 40

27-Minute Total Body Strength & Cardio with Dumbbells For Women Over 40 Day 1 of the Unstoppable Challenge. Using only one pair of dumbbells, with minimum rest, you will torch some calories while building tone in those muscles of yours. This total body strength...

10 Minute Good Morning Exercises – For Women Over 40 [NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!]

10 Minute Good Morning Exercises - For Women Over 40 [NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!] Looking for something to get the body moving? Perhaps as a good morning to your muscles or joints, or a mid-day pick-me-up workout. This no-equipment, low-impact exercise series will warm up...


I am YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40.

Since 1994 I have been helping women over the age of 40 become stronger, fitter, fiercer.

I am also over 40 – so I know firsthand that our workout needs are different than they were 10-20 years ago.


PJ is a breath of fresh air, new moves, different routines, always an alternative for injuries or difficulties which is an absolute godsend and she says it how it is which we love. Also, PJ really does understand our aging and menopausal bodies which is tremendous. She works us hard, mixes it up, and helps you get to the next level and she does it with explanations, humour and fun. The best thing we did was subscribing and joining Patreon.


I was in such a rut from doing the same at-home workouts over and over. My enthusiasm was at an all-time low and I was not seeing any improvement in my fitness level. Then I found PJ Wren… her 21 Day Fitness Challenge lit a fire in me that I thought was long gone. The daily emails gave me a different workout every day and each one challenged me to step it up without overwhelming my over-40 body and mind. Two months later, I’m in the best shape I’ve been since my 30’s!


I started exercising to some degree a few years back when I got tired of feeling flabby and dumpy and saw the possibility of having to be on medication for thyroid and bone loss issues.  I found some great exercise YouTubers that I tried hard to stick with but, well, either they were: bubbly, bouncy and happy it made me want to gag; or so enthusiastically encouraging that you feel like a 3-year-old; or not enough bounce or personality to carry you through a whole series. I searched to find someone that I wouldn’t get tired of, would help me use all the crap I’ve acquired, challenge me and not bore me to frickin’ tears – and I found P.J.!  I discovered her at the beginning of the pandemic, right after we had gotten back early from our travels south for the winter.  I haven’t looked back since.  All I asked for on my 60th was to join Patreon, and it’s the best gift ever! 

 P.J. is consistent, encouraging [but not condescending], shows you how to pick your level, weight and speed, works around sore or tender joints and has SO many different workouts to choose from – some with equipment (with alternative moves for those without), some without, HIIT and cardio, upper and lower body, stretch and yoga –  there is no way you can possibly get bored.  Her challenges are fun, she’s cute, funny, is sometimes a little irreverent and sassy, and the community is great. 

P.J. has made getting stronger and staying healthy fun and challenging.  I am so happy I found her!


For the first time, I have been able to stick with exercise, and that’s because of you! You changed the game for me.

The way you set up the workouts, your personality, and you explain everything so well.

My clothes are getting too big and I can definitely tell my muscles are getting stronger. 


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