Total Body Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout

Total Body Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout

Total Body Strength and Cardio HIIT Workout

Strength Workout for Women

This workout you can choose. You can choose to perform just the strength portion (takes about 35-minutes), or you can stay till the end for my fantastic finisher. A 12-minute cardio HIIT focussing on the legs and abs.

Everyone wants a quick workout. I hear it all the time from people, and it even shows up in my YouTube analytics.

The shorter workouts that I record and release have more views than the workouts that take 45+ minutes to do.

However, longer workouts do:

Burn more calories.

Work more muscles, because you are at it for a longer period of time.

Train you harder – if the intensity is there.

This workout is long, and if you can do it in it’s entirety (with my cardio HIIT finisher at the end) you will be SO happy you did.

However, if you only have time for 35-minutes, then I have segmented it so you can get in an awesome strength workout. I got ya covered. Long or short workout. 

This is a fantastic strength workout for women too.

Since we start to lose lean muscle mass after the age 30, and then the years right after menopause we can lose up to 20% of our bone density it’s crucial that every woman between the ages of 30 to 65 strength train.

Total Body Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout Fitness with PJ

Total Body Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout




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