10-Minute Easy Workout

10-Minute Easy Workout

10-Minute Easy Workout

This workout is my “I-don’t-want-to-workout” workout.

It’s 10-minutes long.

We only do one round and we only use bodyweight moves.

It’s the perfect lazy person’s deal.

In fact, the reason I recorded this workout was BECAUSE  I was feeling lazy.

Ha. So there you go.

Even us trainers have rough days.


The workout




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15-Minute Strength Workout

15-Minute Strength Workout

15 Minute Strength Workout

Well, it’s been a long time.

It’s been a long time since I blogged. A long time since I filmed a workout and a long time since I shaved my legs (TMI?).

However, I have a good reason.

I opened a new boutique fitness studio in Ladner.

In addition, I also re-vamped, re-branded and renewed my website.

Whew! December was a CRAZY, and I count my blessings for two things:

  • Loving husband
  • And spiced rum

They both got me through it all.

15-Minute Strength Workout

During the madness I had very little time to workout.

For 6-weeks I simply fit in what I could, and didn’t get down on myself for not doing more.

I told myself that I knew I would get back to it. But, in the meantime I would just fit what I could in and be happy with that.

And guess what? I actually listened to myself and hence this workout

(Wow. This is definitely a sign of growing up.)

The deets:

Tools needed: A pair of heavy, moderate and light dumbbells.

Workout best for: home

Level: beginner – advanced



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TRX Tabata Workout Part 2

TRX Tabata Workout Part 2

I love a good TRX workout, and since I have almost 42,000 views on my TRX Tabata Part One I am guessing so do a few other people.

This Tabata is unique because you do not need to lengthen or shorten the TRX. We keep it at one length for the entire workout and cycle through six exercises, one after another, in a Tabata format (8 rounds, 20 seconds hard with 10 seconds rest in between).

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TRX Tabata Workout Part 2

TRX Tabata Part 2 - Fitness with PJ list of exercises

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