Total Body Sandbag Workout

Total Body Sandbag Workout

In my quest to give you the best workouts, sometimes I gotta show you a routine that may require some equipment, like today’s Total Body Sandbag Workout.

But, I get it. Not everyone has a sandbag, a bag or even sand. If you are one of those people you can buy the pink sandbag that I use, you can make your own, or you can use one dumbbell for all the exercises (just make it heavier please, like a 10-20 pounder depending on your fitness leave).

Regardless of what you use you have to try this workout, though!

It is the BOMB! I loved filming it and I will be adding it to my regular workout schedule.

My Total Body Sandbag Workout is a fantastic:

  • Fat burning workout
  • Full length – I warm you up, work you out and cool you down
  • A high intensity workout, but suitable for all levels
  • Great at toning the legs and the strengthening the core


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Total Body Sandbag Workout

Total Body Sandbag Workout


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