HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

50-Minute HIIT Workout for Fat Loss

Loving husband drives us everywhere. I never drive if he’s with me.

And it’s not because he insists, it’s because I insist.

I hate driving.

It’s boring, I get all cramped up, my low back starts to hurt, my mind starts to wander, I get frustrated with other drivers.

But, when he drives I don’t mind being in the car at all.

I play with the stereo, I keep him entertained, I people watch, catch up on my emails and schedule my social media.

It’s a very productive time for me.

Now, with that said, the other part of driving I despise is getting gas.

Ugh. Call me lazy. Call me a princess. Call me spoiled. Just don’t call me to put gas in your car.

So, to avoid getting gas I strategically use up all the gas in my car until Loving Husband needs it.

I know every Tuesday night he needs my car to get to volleyball. Giving me a full week to use up all the gas so when he gets in the car the gas light is on and he has to get gas.

I have been doing this for months! And it works – every week!

Let me tell you, it’s not easy either.

I have to plan just the right amount of automobile activity that will get that stupid light to go on by Tuesday.

It takes planning and a bit of luck.

But, I am pretty damn proud of myself so far.


1 pair of moderate weights

The Workout




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