20-Minute No Jump Cardio Workout

20-Minute No Jump Cardio Workout

20-Minute No Jump Cardio Workout

A 20-minute cardio workout you can do in your living room – with absolutely no jumping! 

“You look like a spaz!”. Was the first thing to leave my lips when I turned around and saw how loving husband was interpreting my squat and hamstring curl combo.

I wasn’t being mean. It was just the honest truth.

He was doing some weird and funky things with his arms, he was barely bending his knees and his squat, well, it just looked super awkward and hard on his knees.

But… he tries and he must really love me to come on each week to workout and be mocked (slightly) by yours truly.

So bless his big spastic heart.

20-Minute No Jump Cardio


Tools needed:

A mat

Workout best for:


Workout rated for:

Beginner – intermediate

All women gain weight as they get older.

Someone said that to me a few years ago and I’m here to tell you that that is bullsh*t.

Yes, as we get older it’s easier to gain weight, but it’s because we are doing the wrong things in the gym and the kitchen.

We have to be smarter with our health and weight loss plan, after the age of 40.

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