40-Minute Lower Body Workout

While editing this workout I realized that in parts of it I sound like an ass. Sorry about that. Comments like “I love my lower body workouts” sounded effing self-righteous and self-promoting. I make fun of other people who talk like that, so I thought this was only fitting I make fun of myself. And…

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Low Impact Lower Body and Core Workout

It is way more fun to workout with a friend. Don’t you agree? Yeah, most of us tend to workout alone (due to schedules, busy lives etc). But… when we can workout with a buddy it just makes the workout that much better. We’ve got someone to sweat with, laugh with, commiserate with. Someone who…

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No Equipment Lower Body Workout - Fitness with PJ

No Equipment Lower Body Strength

I’m gonna start this blog off with two words… “I’m sorry”. I’m sorry for the sore tush you are gonna have during, and after, this workout. I’m sorry for the sweat and discomfort I will cause you. And, I’m sorry for any swear words I may drop during the workout. However, with that said I…

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10-Minute Lower Body Workout

So, I filmed this workout… twice. And not because I love being in the Studio, by myself working out while talking to a camera. Nope. Instead, it’s because I am an idiot and forgot to turn the mic on the first time. Menopause has made me stupid. Otherwise normal tasks are now only accomplished if I…

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Best Glute Exercises for Women - 20 Min Booty Lift

20-Minute Booty Lift Workout

Best butt exercises for women! When I was training for my fitness competition I completely transformed my rear end (see below), and I used these glute exercises in today’s 20-Minute Booty Lift to do so. Not only is a good-looking tush nice to have, strong glutes are also: Important because they are our body’s largest muscle group Used…

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