50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

50-Minute Sweaty Mess Workout

Sweaty mess. Yup, that’s what you’re gonna be after this workout.

But, I know, you love that kinda of sh*t!

I mean, we exercise to see improvement, don’t we?

To see improvement to our fitness, our health and sometimes even our waistline.

I have never had anyone hire me to get them to workout so they could stay the same?!?!

Nope, everyone wants to see some change and to see these improvements and changes we gotta push the limits of what we can do and sweat.

The Workout

sweaty mess workout for women


All Levels Tabata

All Levels Tabata

All Levels Tabata

Guess who’s back?

Loving husband blessed us with his comedic self for this workout. And boy was he in top form.

In addition to his usual complaining about how hard the workout is he also:

Made a plea with those watching to NOT subscribe to the YouTube channel, cause if there’s no one watching he won’t have to come and film.

Decided to see how far he could push his bad form with each exercise, while I wasn’t looking. Well played LH, I did not notice the shenanigans until I was editing the film.

Stared lovingly past the camera, through the front window, to the bakery across the street. They make his favourite donuts.

Forgot the three things I asked him to remember before started filming.

The end result – a pretty funny, yet still sweaty and awesome, workout.


The deets:

Tools needed: A pair of heavy and light dumbbells

Workout best for: home or gym

Level: beginner – advanced



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