20-Min Fat Burner Ab Workout

20-Min Fat Burner Ab Workout

20-Minute Fat Burner Ab Workout

So, I tried some new lighting on this workout.

And… I’m not a fan.

It was suggested that I try the lighting so I don’t have fluorescents beaming down on me.

Cause even Victoria Secret models can’t pull off fluorescent lighting! So, really how the hell can I???

In an ideal world I would only film outside, on an overcast day 🙂 

It’s funny, how the older I get the more important lighting becomes.

It’s either not bright enough and I can’t read (yes, I am talking to you Mr & Mrs Restaurant Owner), or the lighting is horrible making me look old. And I’m not being vain, cause nobody likes to look old. Seasoned maybe, but not old.



A mat

20-Minute Fat Burning Ab Workout




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10-Minute [Killer] Ab Workout

10-Minute [Killer] Ab Workout

10-Minute Killer Ab Workout

Training your abs. You either love doing it, or you hate doing it.

There’s usually no grey area I’ve found when it comes to working your abdominals.

But, regardless you know you gotta train them and you know you should train them.

Now, the great news is if you do moves like squats, lunges, deadlifts, mountain climbers, pull-ups and push-ups you are training your abs and core – and in a functional way (and double great news if you follow my YouTube workouts).

You see, your core muscles are designed to stabilize the spine, as well as flex, rotate, twist and laterally bend the torso.

When performing the big moves I mentioned about you are firing up the core to stabilize the spine. Hence, a good weight training workout (try this one – it’s awesome) will train the heck out of your abs.

However, we also love a little extra, when it comes to our abs. Which is precisely the reason I developed and filmed this 10-minute ab workout.

It’s effective, fast, works all of the ab muscles and is perfect to do after a strength training or cardio workout, or while binge watching your favourite TV show (my current fave is “Strike Back”. I am obsessed with it right now.).

10-Min Killer Ab Workout

The Workout

10 Min Killer Ab Workout - workout described



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