Booty Band Cardio Workout

Booty Band Cardio Workout

Booty Band Cardio Workout

It was National Puppy Day last week, and I found myself on Instagram off and on all day checking out people’s pups.

It’s not a secret that I like dogs more than most people. Some people are a lot of work, whereas all dogs are not.

How do you know if you like dogs more than humans too?

  1. Do you hate it when other people walk slowly in front of you, but you’ll let your dog stop and sniff any random piece of earth that they want?
  2. You’d cuddle your dog any day, but you step back involuntary when people enter in your personal space.
  3. When you meet a baby, do you smile and say “aww”, but when you meet a puppy you squeal, pet it and spew out unintelligible words of affection?
  4. If a new acquaintance, or first date, doesn’t like dogs you become highly suspicious of them.
  5. You are losing Instagram followers because all your posts are pics of your dog sleeping.
  6. You need a calendar reminder of your friend’s and family’s birthdays, but you have no problem remembering your pooch’s.


A booty band (BUT… you can totally do this workout with no band too. Promise.)

Click here to check out the ones I used for the workout

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