BOSU Ball Tabata Workout

BOSU Ball Tabata Workout

BOSU Ball Tabata Workout

Short workouts, like a BOSU Ball Tabata, are always bittersweet. They are sweet because they are short and they are bitter because you have to put some serious work behind them to see results.

My BOSU Ball Tabata Workout is the perfect bittersweet workout when you need:

  • A workout that is under 30-minutes
  • A workout that will get the heart rate up
  • A workout that will target the legs
  • A workout that will also hit the upper body
  • And, a workout that will get your core strong

BOSU Ball Tabata


BOSU Ball – What’s so great about it?

I have been using the BOSU ball for years and I love it for the sole reason that it spices up regular moves like squats, push-ups, lunges, crunches, mountain climbers, etc.

Since the dome creates an unbalanced training ground for you and your muscles, you have to work a little harder to stabilize your body while performing any exercise on it.

This extra work translates to more muscles used and more calories burned.

Click here for BOSU’s website.


BOSU Ball Tabata Full Workout - Fitness with PJ



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