BOSU Ball Full Body Cardio

BOSU Ball Full Body Cardio

20-Minute BOSU Ball Full Body Workout

This total body workout uses the BOSU ball to get train the muscles, and get the heart rate up.

So, go grab your BOSU ball for a full body, fat burning cardio workout.

*TIP: this can be done without a BOSU, or you can also sub a STEP in



BOSU Ball (optional)


1. Squat up & over
2. Knee up side to back
3. Other leg
4. Frogger push up
5. Knee jump to back lunge
6. Other leg
7. Sit to stand (with jump)
8. Tap & squat thrust

2 x 45sec


BOSU Ball HIIT for All Levels

BOSU Ball HIIT for All Levels

35-Minute BOSU Ball HIIT for All Levels

Whether you jump, or don’t jump, this workout will get your heart rate up while strengthening all the muscles as well.

Throughout I show different modifications of the exercises so you can adapt to your level and how you’re feeling today.

I would also love to know if you did this using a STEP. Cause, you totally could with a few tweaks. But let me know, I would love to hear from ya.



BOSU ball or a STEP

A pair of heavy dumbbells

1 light dumbbell

The Workout


Quick BOSU Cardio + Abs

Quick BOSU Cardio + Abs

Quick BOSU Ball Cardio + Abs

This fun little workout uses the BOSU ball (note: you could use a STEP as well), and I have two different intensities for you.

On one BOSU Molly is showing is the low impact version, and on the other two BOSU’s you can watch Sandra or I for the jump versions of the exercises.

Either way you are gonna get your heart rate up and train the legs, glutes, hips and abs.

You’re gonna love it!




The Workout



BOSU Ball Cardio

BOSU Ball Cardio

BOSU Ball Cardio Workout

I love the BOSU ball, and so does my YouTube community.

My BOSU ball (and TRX) workouts are some of my most watched videos.

Which is freaking fantastic! Thank you, you crazy-wonderful-peeps.

Today’s BOSU workout is all about cardio.

After a good warm-up we start the sweat fest with 45 seconds of an aerobic move, followed by a 20-second more intense move. We alternate through 14 exercises like that, for a solid 30-minutes.

Then we move onto dessert, which is a ladder drill for the abs.

I know – bloody awesome!

Let’s go 🙂



The Workout



25-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout

25-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout

5-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout


So I’m trying to teach Bella to stay in a carrier while I ride my bike. The idea being so I can bike to work with her.


Now, if you’re thinking “she’s a dog PJ, why can’t she run beside you?”.


Well, to that I say this:

Bella under the coffee table Bella sleeping on the couch. Bella sleeping on our bed. Bella back under the coffee table sleeping.Bella chilling while the client's workout. Bella chilling while I workout. Bella DONE 

As you can see Bella is not what I would call an energetic dog, and a 12 km ride to The Studio would probably kill her (however it may kill me too. Between her and the carrier I am carting 100 extra pounds!).


So the other night we began the training of Bella in a carrier.


Right now I can bike around the block with her – which is awesome! However, it took both loving husband and myself (plus a lot of treats) to coax her into the carrier.


Finger’s crossed we can get her used to the carrier. You’ll know when I do, cause if you’re local you’re bound to see us cruising Arthur Drive.


Now won’t that be a sight! Hahahaha….


25-Minute BOSU Ball Workout

Tools Needed:

 BOSU Ball

 Pair of moderate dumbbells

 Pair of heavy dumbbells


The Workout






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