28-Minute BOSU Ball Cardio

28-Minute BOSU Ball Cardio

28-Minute BOSU Ball Cardio

Sometimes I amaze myself.

And not in the “good” way, where you did something awesome and are pretty damn proud of yourself.

No instead, in the “OMG you are an idiot, how the hell do you get through life?” kinda way.

Case in point, this new headset mic I bought.

I wore it through this entire workout forgetting to turn it on.

Swift, eh?

Now, you may be thinking (cause you’re really nice & sweet) “PJ, don’t get so down on yourself. It turned out fine.”.

To which I would love to thank you for your encouraging words, but this is the third time I have done this.

First time can be labeled as a learning experience, second time a mistake, anything thereafter is just plain ol’ dumb-ass.

In addition to these fiascos, I have also turned the mic on while neglecting to turn on the receiver. Creating a whole workout with just white noise.

Sadly I had no idea until I got home, uploaded the video and started editing it.

After a few choice words I then headed back to The Studio to re-film it. Double checking every single step prior to filming so I got it right this time.

I also cannot figure out where to put the mouthpiece so you don’t hear me gasping for breath through the entire workout.

All-in-all every workout (so far) has been a mic disaster.

And so I apologize to you, my loyal exerciser, and I promise to get this damn mic figured out.

I refuse to let it win.


28-Minute BOSU Ball Cardio Workout

Tools needed: BOSU ball

Level: intermediate to advanced

The Workout

25-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout

25-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout

5-Minute BOSU Ball Strength Workout


So I’m trying to teach Bella to stay in a carrier while I ride my bike. The idea being so I can bike to work with her.


Now, if you’re thinking “she’s a dog PJ, why can’t she run beside you?”.


Well, to that I say this:

Bella under the coffee table Bella sleeping on the couch. Bella sleeping on our bed. Bella back under the coffee table sleeping.Bella chilling while the client's workout. Bella chilling while I workout. Bella DONE 

As you can see Bella is not what I would call an energetic dog, and a 12 km ride to The Studio would probably kill her (however it may kill me too. Between her and the carrier I am carting 100 extra pounds!).


So the other night we began the training of Bella in a carrier.


Right now I can bike around the block with her – which is awesome! However, it took both loving husband and myself (plus a lot of treats) to coax her into the carrier.


Finger’s crossed we can get her used to the carrier. You’ll know when I do, cause if you’re local you’re bound to see us cruising Arthur Drive.


Now won’t that be a sight! Hahahaha….


25-Minute BOSU Ball Workout

Tools Needed:

 BOSU Ball

 Pair of moderate dumbbells

 Pair of heavy dumbbells


The Workout






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