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Cardio & Strength Workout All Levels

Cardio & Strength Workout All Levels for Women Over 40 A total body strength workout with cardio for women over 40. It's the full meal deal! ⁣This workout is great for whatever level of fitness you are at. I offer low and high impact options for the cardio moves,...

Bodyweight Workout Low Impact

Bodyweight Workout Low Impact for Women Over 40 Workout at home, in under 30-minutes, with my low impact bodyweight cardio for women over 40. ⁣I loved filming this little workout. The sun was shining, the moves were flowing and there was no jumping to be had. Using...

Working Out With An Injury

When You Should & Shouldn't Work Out The following are my talking notes, and a snippet of the video above: WHEN YOU SHOULD AND SHOULDN’T PUSH THROUGH THE PAIN DURING YOUR WORKOUT – AND TIPS ON WHAT TO TRAIN INSTEAD. ON A VERY BASIC LEVEL YOU HAVE TO BE ABLE TO...

Full Body Dumbbell No Repeat Workout

Full Body Dumbbell No Repeat Workout for Women Over 40 Don't like to repeat an exercise? Join me in the full-body dumbbell workout, with no repeats, for women over 40. ⁣26 exercises! That's a lot of different moves for one workout, but I wanted to give you the...

No Crunch Ab Workout and Stretch

No Crunch Ab Workout and Stretch for Women Over 40 Forget crunches and do these ab exercises instead. 15-minutes to a stronger core for women over 40. ⁣This little workout is a gem of a core workout that you can do as a stand-alone workout, or after a cardio or...

About Me

I am YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40.

Since 1994 I have been helping women over the age of 40 become stronger, fitter, fiercer.

I am also over 40 – so I know firsthand that our workout needs are different than they were 10-20 years ago.


“Absolutely love the workouts. PJ has a funny and relaxed style, and her workouts really kick my butt!”

Great workouts! So glad I found you! Thanks for all you are doing for us women over 40!

I am so glad I found your workouts! You are one of my top go-to’s for my fitness needs.

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