PJ Wren

Fitness trainer & coach

I help women get strong.

Hi, I’m PJ! I’mYouTube’s tough love trainer
for women over 40.

My Story

I’ve been a certified personal trainer since 1995 and during that I have spent the better part of my career helping women over the age 40 get fit and fierce.

I love squats, lunges, a good burger and a gin & soda on ice, with a squeeze of lime (the lime is a MUST).

The only two things I love more than fitness is my loving husband and my hound dog Bella.

When I am not teaching a class, filming a YouTube workout, or dragging my loving husband and lazy hound dog out on a hike you’ll find me writing – – a passion of mine that gets me just as revved up as a good workout does.

My Values & Beliefs

Moderation is the key to happiness & health

Obsessing over calories is not fun. Exercising to burn off calories because you ate poorly is not enjoyable. I preach  moderation, not fads or extremes.

Exercise should not damage you

There are so many different exercises that there’s no reason why you should be forced to do one if it’s hurting you.

Every woman has the potential to be a supermodel

 Beauty is not dictated by a certain size, a number on a scale, or chiseled cheekbones. I believe any woman who is strong, happy and confident radiates more beauty than any runway model out there.

My Approach

My approach is simple. Give you a workout, with options for where ever you are in your fitness journey, in a fun and inspiring way.

I don’t believe in fads and I don’t do quick fixes.

Neither work. I prefer my tribe to see lasting results, than quick results with a high degree of drop off, or worse, weight gain after the program is done.

The exercises, programs and tools I use (and recommend) are based on years of research, my own personal use, and what has worked for the thousands of women I have trained through the decades.

No gimmicks. No BS.

Trainer’s promise.

PJ ox

Other Facts

My Favourite Things:

  • Dragging my loving husband hiking
  • Creative writing
  • Lifting weights 🙂
  • Walking my hound dog
  • Binge watching my favourite shows
  • Enjoying some drinks on my deck
  • Traveling
  • Having a good laugh

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