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About Fitness with PJ

About PJ Wren

About Fitness with PJ

Hey, how’s it going you cheeky little bugger?

Want to know about me? That’s sweet, and I’d love to know about you.

Get involved, comment on my videos on YouTube and sign up for my workouts (see above).

This way I can keep in touch with you, keep you moving and keep ya posted on what’s new in health and fitness for us fit and fierce over 40 year olds.

About Me

My name is PJ Wren, and I am YouTube’s tough love trainer for women over 40.

I have been training women over the age of 40 for the past 20 years, both online and in-person, so I know your workout needs are different.

And, I am also over 40 myself…although I may act (and swear) like I’m not at times.

My Three Loves

In addition to health and fitness I also love coffee, my husband and my dog – and possibly in that order too.

It all really depends on what time of day you ask me. But, in all honesty each one of them makes me a better person (especially the coffee…hahaha).


I love my coffee. French press, with half & half and some honey (cause no, I am not sweet enough).


My loving husband, who lives on M&M’s and coca-cola and thinks yoga is stretching for the remote.


My hound dog Bella, who believes that my sole purpose in life is to feed her treats, rub her belly and take her out. #DivaDog

10 Things You May Not Know About Me

  1. I love action movies and sci-fi, while my loving husband loves romantic comedies. (Note from loving husband: I do not LOVE romantic comedies. I just like a good story, and most of them just happen to be romantic comedies.) (Note from PJ: that means you like romantic comedies, honey.)
  1. I never put the caps back on pens.
  1. I believe in getting everything ready the night before. This includes my coffee, breakfast, outfit and my schedule for what I need to do that day. My father was in the Canadian Navy and taught me this little trick.
  1. If I could be a character in any movie it would be Yoda – the universe’s first galactic personal trainer.
  1. I can eat inhuman amounts of cookies, pizza and waffles. So, that means I usually don’t make them, because I just can’t stop eating them.
  1. I hate wine and musicals. Both leave a bitter taste in my mouth.
  1. Dri-fit and spandex are my business casual.
  1. I believe sometimes you need a swear word to get your point across. Life is about kicking ass, not kissing it.
  1. My dog can get away with murder; my cat (and husband) cannot.
  1. If I could have one wish it would be for world peace for two wishes. My first wish: that cookies, pizza and waffles had the nutritional and caloric value of kale, and my second wish: world peace.