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Fit & Strong Over 40 Blueprint

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A 6-week program designed for women over 40.

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Life is about kicking ass, not counting calories.
Once we hit over 40 we start to understand that. But, we also want to live a life of good health and feel our best. This 6-week  plan for women over 40 is just that. A plan that focuses on balance so you can start living your best life… while also enjoying that plate of pasta.

Focus on the 3 pillars of wellness: movement, nourishment and rest

Trainer-designed workouts for the over 40 woman

Home workouts, in 30-minutes or less, using little to no equipment

Nourish your body with 6-weeks of recipes and meal plans

Reset your mind, body and soul with specially developed stretch and mobility routines for the over 40 body

6-Week Plan

Easy to follow, effective workouts for the over 40 body.

Certified Trainer

Workouts for women over 40, designed by a woman over 40.

No Monthly Subscription

Simple one-time payment, with all workouts and materials downloadable.

Easy to Follow

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Because our needs are different.

Because we like options with our workouts.

Because we want balance with our nutrition.

And because we deserve it… damn it.

Fit and Fearless over 40 is a gem. It is a fantastic 6-week training programme for women who are no longer able or keen to do burpees until they turn blue but would like to see positive changes in their fitness and body.

It certainly toned all my muscle groups I was particularly pleased to see the changes in my arms, obliques, bum and upper thighs.

The programme was a lifesaver during the COVID-19 lock-down as it gave me a well-structured training schedule that I could do in the privacy of our home.

It can also be adjusted if you have any injuries and PJ’s comments make you forget about the effort you put in. I often found myself chuckling along, feeling lighter and happier by the end of the workout.

The 20 daily tips which came with the programme are also wonderful habit-changers and all so useful, assisting to make small, healthy steps in the right direction.

The meal plan is another extra with great practical input. If you are serious about improving your fitness, losing a few kilograms and toning your muscles without others’ comparing or judging looks this programme is a must.

I am definitely more confident, better looking (haha!), toned, fitter and somewhat more fearless than before. I would not change PJ’s workouts with any private trainer. And now and then when I attend a barre or pilates/reformer class at the gym I find that I may not look like a 20-year-old but I can give them a run for their money!


What does being over 40 mean to you?

As we grow wiser I believe that a lot of women just want to drop the baggage of our younger years. We do not want to live a life of restrictions and hard rules anymore. Instead, we want to love the body that we are in RIGHT NOW, not when it is 15 pounds lighter.

This program will give you the plan to start feeling better, start improving your health, start getting you stronger physically and mentally, while also giving you the grace that you deserve too.

Is this workout plan good for beginners?

You better believe it! I lead you through every workout and show modifications throughout. I also have quick tutorial videos, explaining form and technique in the Pre-Training section of the course:

  • How to Train Your Core 
  • How to Train Your Upper Body
  • How to Train Your Lower Body
Can I workout from home?

Yes! The workouts take up a very little footprint, only require a chair and a few pairs of dumbbells and I have even added a section in the Welcome PDF on my recommendations when setting up a home workout area.

Will I lose weight?

Most likely, because the workouts are designed for the over 40 body, but that’s not the goal of this plan.

The goal of this plan is to get you FEELING better without the use of judgement or guilt. 

It is meant to help you see for yourself exactly how awesome you are, and what you are capable of.

How many times a week do I need to commit to the workouts?

24 hours a day, seven days a week tongue-out 

Just joking!

For every week you will find 3 strength workouts and 2 short cardio workouts.

And if you miss a workout, it’s no big deal. You simply carry on with the plan, because those workouts are yours… for life and you can do them at a later date.

What if I bad knees, or shoulders?

If there is one thing I am known for, it’s the ability to find exercise subs for the common areas of the body that can be aggravated with some moves.

This plan comes with a quarter of a century of experience training people.

In the Pre-Training section of your course I have a quick tutorial highlighting common exercise subs, as well as for every workout I show subs for:

  • Push-ups
  • Over the shoulder movements
  • Planks & mountain climbers
  • Deadlifts
  • Lunges
What kinds of foods and recipes are on the plan?

You can choose to follow the 6-week meal plan, or implement certain recipes into your regular meal plans.

All of the recipes are my personal favourites, and are easy to make, in a short amount of time.

Some examples are:

  • Chia seed pudding
  • Blueberry overnight oats
  • Tuna avocado wrap
  • Roasted sweet potato & black bean quinoa salad
  • Eggplant lasagna
  • Raw walnut tacos (so freaking good!)
  • One-pan pesto chicken and veggies

TIP: scroll to the bottom of the page for a week-to-week
preview of the workouts and recipes.

I am so excited to start your 6-week program.  I cannot thank you enough. I am an exercise enthusiast but I have been struggling with workouts appropriate for our age.  I have never felt better since starting your videos! My shoulder pain and psoas muscle pain is GONE (wish I had discovered you before I spent $11,000 on an MRI 😩)…but you’re workouts are HARD!  Hard in a good way…my muscles are fabulously sore but not in a “bad” pain way.  


Before starting the program, I could do 25 squats in one minute, just two pushups, had a heart rate of 180 after 3 minutes of step testing, and 24 bicycle crunches in one minute. After completing the program, I can do 37 squats in a minute, am able to do 16 pushups (with good form!), my heart rate dropped to 164, and I increased my bicycle crunches to 30 in one minute. 

In addition, I’m eating healthier, I lost a jean size (and 5 pounds), and have developed better fitness habits.

What I love about the program is that it is all laid out step by step, and I really don’t have to think about anything except which dumbbells and tools to get out for the day. 

I love that this program focused on fitness instead of weight loss, and as a result, it was easy to do both! Thanks PJ! 


I LOVE this program! I’ve finished the 6 weeks, took a pause and ready to hit it once more. I feel so much stronger and now able to keep up with the guys at Karate! With this pandemic, it’s so much more important to be healthy in body and mind. It’s amazing really amazing. It was perfect for me to boost my fitness!


FIT & STRONG OVER 40 Gives Everything You Need to Feel Your Best – All In Under 30-Minutes!

About Me

It’s great “to meet” you. If you don’t know about me allow me to give you the “Coles Notes” version of my two + decade career in the fitness industry.

I have been a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness instructor since 1994 – well before anyone really knew what a personal trainer was.

I have owned multiple training studios, I hold several national certifications in the fitness industry, I have written for newspapers and magazines, had a national fitness television show, and I have been YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40 since 2011.

I have a no BS approach to living a healthy life and I believe that moderation is the key to health and happiness.

Only $197 

Price quoted in US funds.

Start today, or start when you’re ready.
The program is yours for life.

Instant Access.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee.


You ready? Awesome, let’s do this babycakes.



The 6 Week Fit & Strong Over 40 Blueprint

Helping women over 40 improve their health while feeling comfortable in their own skin.


I’ve been training people of all ages for over a quarter of a century now. Recently, I’ve started shifting in the direction towards helping women in their 40’s navigate the changes that are happening to their bodies.

As someone who has gone through this themselves, I can speak first hand to what happens to your body, hormones, and emotions as you grow wiser

While I absolutely love helping others feel good about themselves, I don’t love the restrictions that often come along with crazy fitness plans and dieting.

And it doesn’t have to be like that…

We can feel good about ourselves without so many restrictions and rules and all the other bullshit that goes along with that.

This plan is all about balance.

It’s about giving you the workouts you need to get fitter and stronger – without killing you.

It’s about giving you the recipes and meal ideas to nourish your body – without calorie counting, or worse starving yourself.

Quite simply it’s the perfect plan for the woman who wants to feel good, while also enjoying a glass of wine and plate of pasta.

You in?

I started the 6 Week Fit and Strong plan the week I turned 50. Having not been a fan of working out at all, I was surprised how much I actually ended up loving the program. Focusing on fitness, not weight, I am proud to say that after 6 weeks I lost inches, gained tone, and am lifting weights that I never expected to due more than 1 rep with. The recipes are easy to make, healthy but delicious, and I even had room for wine. I highly recommend this program. PJ’s explanations and demonstrations make it easy to follow and I love the diversity of each workout. It turned me into someone who likes to work out and feels guilty if I don’t! Highly recommend!!


I loved this program!  The daily workouts were around 30 minutes long, which is perfect in my opinion.  Each week had cardio and strength training and targeted the whole body over the course of the week.  I loved not having to think about what I needed to do ~ just follow PJ’s lead!  She is great at providing alternatives for those that may not be able to do a particular move.  I did the before and after fitness test and was VERY pleased with the results!  My goal as I age is to stay as strong as I can for as long as I can, and this program will definitely help anyone to achieve that goal!

What is the best way to see results when you're over 40?

Let’s talk about the program…

Fit & Strong Over 40 Blueprint combines the three different (and very important!) workouts that should be in every plan.

The workouts also build in intensity over the 6 weeks so you keep burning fat while building muscular strength, and improving your cardiovascular endurance.

By the end of each workout, you will have worked up a serious SWEAT!

This plan utilizes Tabata and HIIT cardio workouts, which are a unique and powerful way to do interval training to help you increase your cardiovascular endurance, as well as get more work done in less time for an incredible overall calorie burn!

The strength workouts combine movements to strengthen everything from your legs, upper body and core while focusing on form.

Every workout you will be shown ways to sub out exercises – because I am well aware that not everything works 100% of the time when over 40.

The Three Elements Of A Workout:

1) Dynamic warm-up that will help prime your muscles for an amazing workout while also working on your mobility and range and motion.

2) Strength-based exercises with a focus on form, posture and alternatives if a move doesn’t feel right for you. Or, cardio-based exercises to get your heart rate up with low and high impact options shown.

3) Cool-down with a stretch so improve your flexibility, and finish off your workout properly!

With these workouts, I’ve designed them specifically for over 40 women, using my 25 years of experience as a trainer.

The best part about Fit & Strong Over 40?

You do NOT need to spend hours working out to get amazing results…

In fact, all you need is about 30-minutes to complete these workouts and a few pairs of dumbbells.

All I gotta say – is get ready to have some fun and start feeling your best in the process.

Praises For PJ

I love your down to earth and realistic outlook on fitness and women over 40.


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you are so genuine.


You’re an inspiration and warrior … I am beyond grateful I found your channel and you!


I love your workouts, I love your energy and I love your attitude.


I really enjoy your workouts, thank you for making it fun and informative!


You have a wide variety of workouts and it’s obvious that you know your stuff.


Life Is About Kicking Ass, Not Counting Calories


ONLY $197

Finally, a plan that doesn’t require you to weigh in every Monday.

A plan that doesn’t have you counting calories, macros, and carbs.

The only counting you will be doing are your reps and sets, and the only numbers that I want you to be concerned about is how much you can chest press and squat now… versus 6 weeks from now.

The Fearless & Over 40 program will help show you, and prove to you, that you are capable, you are amazing, and that you can do it!

I first did 5 weeks of PJ”s workouts on YouTube. I then decided to take it further and do the Fearless & Over 40 program.

What a great decision!

I feel so much stronger and in control. I am getting rid of my bat wings and tightening my tush. I have seen a difference in my core too.  I lost 6 pounds and many inches.

To all those who are 40 please come aboard. I wish I could go back 17 years and work out with PJ. I definitely would have been healthier. I would like to THANK PJ for doing what she does for all of us.  I am looking forward to my future and finally being fit. 


How The Program Works

Almost a quarter of a century of experience is laid out in this step-by-step, easy to follow program.


Welcome Video

Tips & Tricks On How To Rock the 6 Weeks


Fitness Assessement

Form & Technique: Your Core

Form & Technique: Upper Body

Form & Technique: Lower Body

Exercise Subs For Common Problem Areas

Week 1

5 Full Follow-Along Workouts

PDF Download Of Each Workout

Week 1 Reset - Morning Stretches

The Art of Food Prep

Prep Worthy Recipes

Suggested Weekly Meal Plan

Some of the Meals & Recipes for Week 1:
chia seed pudding, blueberry overnight oats, ham & egg muffins, tuna avocado wrap, slow cooker turkey chilli, chicken + roasted root veggies, creamy avocado spinach pesto (so good!) on pasta, roasted sweet potato & black bean quinoa salad.

Week 2

5 Full Follow-Along Workouts

PDF Download of Each Workout

Week 2 Reset - Mid-Day Stretches

Importance of Protein

Healthy Protein Recipes

Suggested Weekly Meal Plan

Some of the Meals & Recipes for Week 2:
Chunky Monkey protein shake, blueberry lemon quinoa cereal (the best!), slow cooker quinoa enchilada casserole, slow cooker sweet potato, chicken & quinoa soup, eggplant pizzas, one chicken w/veggies, BBQ salmon w/ spinach & sesame & garlic

Week 3

5 Full Follow-Along Workouts

PDF Download of Each Workout

Week 3 Reset - Nighttime Stretches

Importance of Eating Carbs

Healthy Carb-Rich Recipes

Suggested Weekly Meal Plan

Some of the Meals & Recipes for Week 3:
almond butter overnight chia seed oats (a staple at my house!), berry banana protein pancakes, coconut cranberry protein balls, taco bowls, Asian turkey cups, one-pan pesto chicken & veggies, BBQ chicken, mashed cauliflower, raw walnut tacos (seriously amazing!)

Week 4

5 Full Follow-Along Workouts

PDF Download of Each Workout

Week 4 Reset - Low Back Love

Importance of Healthy Fat

Healthy Fat Recipes

Suggested Weekly Meal Plan

Some of the Meals & Recipes for Week 4:
brownie batter overnight oats (another staple at my house!), egg muffins with goat cheese, power-packed quinoa bowl, roasted chickpeas, slow cooker Mexican soup, Southwestern salad, mustard-crusted salmon (works great on pork too), lemon chicken sandwich

Week 5

5 Full Follow-Along Workouts

PDF Download of Each Workout

Week 5 Reset - Mobility Drills to Help You Move Better

Plant-Based Recipes

Suggested Weekly Meal Plan

Some of the Meals & Recipes for Week 5:
6-ingredient protein bars, chickpea salad, slow cooker egg frittata + a rotation of some of the recipes from weeks 1-4.

Week 6

5 Full Follow-Along Workouts

PDF Download of Each Workout

Week 6 Reset - Any Time, Any Where Stretches

My Fave Recipes

Suggested Weekly Meal Plan

Some of the Meals & Recipes for Week 6:
pumpkin protein mug cake+ a rotation of some of the recipes from weeks 1-5.


8 Workout Finishers

Walking Program

Learn to Run Program

I just completed PJ’s “Fearless and Over 40” program. My before and after fitness tests were crazy awesome.  I feel so much toner and stronger.  All my clothing fits me again!  And, I didn’t have to worry about every little calorie I ate.  Nope. No longer going to live that way!  I’m starting the 6weeks all over again.  PJ’s workouts make it easy to complete the entire program. They are usually less than 30 mins and she is an amazing motivator.

And, since I have completed the Fearless program I have had no aches in my arm due to my rotator cuff (which always used to bother me), and  I haven’t felt pain in several weeks. Also, I used to have pain in my low back and glute whenever I bent over. I have not had that issue either.  I’m more flexible!


Will You Lose Weight?


Most likely because the workouts are designed for results – but that’s not the goal of this plan.

The goal of this plan is to get you FEELING better without the use of judgment or guilt.

So, don’t worry about the number on the scale little grasshopper.

And instead focus on getting deeper into that squat, while patting yourself on the back for showing up.

All that other stuff, if that’s what you want, will come.

But, it will only come when you embrace the awesomeness that is you RIGHT NOW.


ox PJ



Is this program quoted in CDN or US dollars?

All of FWPJ programs and plans are in US funds because all of our expenses are in US.

When can I begin?

Once you purchase you will have instant access – from the workouts to the meal plans.

From there most people start the next day after they purchase – so they can get the meal plan ready and get themselves set up.

You will also receive emails throughout the program with the assumption that you are starting the day after purchase.

But… when you start is all up to you! So long as you start wink

Is this program mine for life?

You betcha! Everything, from the workout videos to the meal plans, can be downloaded too.

What is your refund policy?

I want you to feel confident that this is the best program for you.

So, if you feel this isn’t the program for you simply email me within 7 days of purchase and I’ll issue you a full refund.

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