Yoga For All Levels

Yoga. I used to hate it. I was one of those numb-nuts who used to say “Yoga [insert rolling eyes here], that is waaaaaaay to slow for me.”.

And then I turned 45.

An age when mobility and flexibility starts to head south for an indefinite winter break.

So, I started going to yoga classes, and guess what happened?

Yup, I started to like it. 

I noticed myself getting calmer, as well as my ability to touch my toes came back.

So, I took a little course to teach it and went off to spread the yoga word to the masses.

I started with my little crew at an outdoor bootcamp one summer, and they encouraged me. “Yes, PJ! We would love for you to add yoga classes to your schedule.”.

I did and they hated it. 

Now, they didn’t hate yoga, or my class per sae.

Instead, what they couldn’t wrap their heads around was me being all gentle and kind in a workout.

Telling them that if something was too much “feel free to go into child’s pose”. If you need a break “lie down”.

They preferred the ass-kicking, yelling and screaming, move-your-ass-or-I’ll-throw-something-at-ya PJ.

Not the yogi PJ.

So, I hung up my teacher’s mat.

Every so often I sub a yoga class at The Studio, being careful not to be too nice (HAHA).

I also start my day with 10-minutes of sun salutations to get the blood flowing and the kinks out of the low back, and I attend classes as a student (I especially love attending yoga classes when I travel).

So, if you are one of those people who claim they hate yoga – please don’t.

Cause it is whatever you set your intentions to be.

Try this workout and make your intention to be curious. Curious on learning how to slow down and breathe.

From there who knows maybe you might actually find yourself rolling your mat out more often, instead of your eyes.

45-Minute Yoga Workout

If the video does not appear for you click here.


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