30-Minute Upper Body Circuit Workout

Not much more to say about this workout, except what is already said.

It’s an upper body workout, and it’s performed as a circuit.


Now, let’s talk about something good. Something that’s not obvious by the title of this blog.


Like, for instance how the internet keeps telling me I’m old.

I’m sure you know that “they” (aka Facebook, Google, the Kardashians) are all keeping an eye on us on the web.

Whatever we search for goes into their large data bases so that they can then target specific ads to us.

For example, if you have ever searched for a hair product, BOOM, every time you click on a web page all of a sudden every side bar is filled with ads for Redken products, or Sephora, or even haircuts themselves.

That’s happening to me right now.

I searched “haircuts for women over 40” once, and I am now slammed with every “woman over the age of 40 and 50” ad there is.

Case in point the below screen shot from my morning internet read.


While I am sure that “Make Up Tips for Older Women” is an important piece of journalism, I don’t need it.

And, nor do I need the internet to tell me to start acting my age either.

Eff you internet.


A pair of moderate and light dumbbells

Upper body circuit workout, Fitness with PJ, for women



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