20-Minute TRX Cardio Workout

We had a bash at our place last weekend.

It was The Studio’s first birthday, and we invited all of our member’s to a party at our home.

And boy did they party!

In addition to a lot of wine of being drunk, we also had a fun awards ceremony handing out awards from the “Most Vocal in a Workout”, to the “Best in Sweat”, and all the way to more “serious” and celebrated award, “Most Improved”.

Hosting the party, having such a great turnout, and then watching everyone interact on the night of made my heart swell.

I realized that evening that I have achieved one of my goals in life – to create an awesome place for people to workout… no matter what their fitness level is.

A comfortable and fun place to sweat.

It’s super cool when a plan comes together πŸ™‚

20-Minute TRX Cardio Workout

Tools Needed


That’s it

The Workout

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