20-Minute Total Body Workout with Dumbbells

How ya doing, my little workout rock star?

I hope you are killing it with your workouts, loving the sweat pouring off of your forehead and smiling cause you are moving your body.

Even if you don’t like the physical act of working out, pretend otherwise and your brain will follow suit.

How we feel can be changed with a simple smile on the face.

Now, I’m not suggesting you grin to a point where people are looking at ya and wondering when you’re gonna blow.

No, instead, smile a bit (especially when doing a task you might not really love), and the brain will get the message, and in return flood your body with those feel good endorphins.

Try it πŸ™‚


Heavy dumbbells

Moderate weight dumbbells

Light dumbbells

The Workout

20-Minute-total-body-strength-workout-with dumbbells-Fitness-with-PJ



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