40-Minute Total Body Killer Workout

40-Minute Total Body Killer Workout

40-Minute Total Body Killer Workout

AKA: The Gladiator Workout

There are some workouts you just love to do… and this is one of them. Not only do I love to do this workout, I also love to teach it.

Why is it so damn good?

  • It works on building your lean muscle – so you become a better fat burning machine
  • It is intense enough for the most advanced exerciser, yet easily modifiable for the beginner (I’ve actually taken one of my clients who is 75 through this workout)
  • It trains the heck out of your legs
  • It strengthens your core
  • It can be done in your home (requires just 1 pair of moderate weights and 1 heavy weight)
  • It can be done in 20, 30 or 40 minutes – depending on the time you have available
  • It tones your legs, abs, glutes, hips and upper body
  • It flows like a ballet 🙂

40-Minute Total Body Workout

The Workout

Gladiator Workout - Fitness with PJ




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