STEP or BOSU Ball Plyo HIIT Workout

A YouTube subscriber requested a non-dancey, high-energy workout using the STEP and I thought, “What a great idea!”.

I am the perfect trainer to program this kind of online workout.

Why you are wondering?

Well…. I have absolutely no coordination and could not do a dance-type workout if my life depended on it and they were giving away free Nikes, chocolate chip cookies and Star Wars’ DVDs afterwards.

Just won’t happen cause it just can’t happen.

So, if you have a STEP, or a BOSU ball, you have to check out this workout! It is awesome. Trainer’s promise.

You will:

  • Burn between 300-500 calories (depending on your body weight)
  • Train your heart and lungs
  • Work on your core strength
  • Improve your low back strength
  • Increase your leg and glute strength
  • And, have a lot of fun

STEP or BOSU Plyo HIIT Workout

The Workout

STEP or BOSU Plyo Workout - workout described



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