Sore Knees Total Body Workout

A workout hitting all the muscles in the body, without any squats, lunges or jumping.

I am getting old. That is what I told myself after filming season 7 of “Fitness with PJ” for Delta Cable.

For those of you who don’t live locally, or have Eastlink cable in Canada, I have a 30-minute fitness show called “Fitness with PJ“.

It’s a lot of work to put together, but we have a lot of viewers who do the workouts, and Delta Cable is pretty awesome to work with.

This coming season is our 7th, and as always, we filmed for the entire season in the summer.

For season 7 (airing in October) we filmed in July.

On July 18 I filmed 13 fitness episodes through the course of four days.

Nine of those workouts were filmed within a 72 hour time period!

In addition, we filmed outdoors, which means it’s hot like a son of a gun, and under bright lights making it even hotter than a son of a son of a gun.

Add menopause and hot flashes… and well you get the gist.

Even my hands were exhausted after filming.

However, what bothered me the most were my knees.

I have never had problems with my knees so the only thing I could chalk this new pain up to was overuse.

I simply performed too many squats, too many lunges and did too much jumping in one week.

My 46-year old knees said “enough is enough, princess”.

This is why I filmed this workout. I wanted to give other women an alternative.

Cause yeah you may have sore knees, but you can still train your upper body. You can still train your core and you can still hit areas of your legs with knee-friendly moves (unless your physio said no. Please listen to your physio!).

Okay little grasshopper? Okay!

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Sore Knees Workout

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Tools needed:

A mat

Workout best for:


Workout rated for:

Beginner – intermediate

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Sore Knees Workout

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