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A workout isn’t complete with these tools. Yes, you can get a great workout in with just your bodyweight, but for women over 40 we need to be lifting (ie. using dumbbells etc) to build our lean muscle tissue & our bone density.

Dumbbells are a 1 time investment, they will never go “bad” and they will never go out of style. I recommend rubber coated dumbbells, as the cheaper ones’ paint will chip off. I also DO NOT recommend the adjustable dumbbells. I find them too awkward to use and a
pain in the a** to adjust.

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These tools will elevate your workout from “good” to “great”. These are products I use personally, as well as recommend to my one-on-one clients and use in my group training centre, The Studio.

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While aging is inevitable; wrinkles, sun spots and tired looking does not have to be, and thanks to these products I have minimized that damage, as well as the damage that my younger, sun-loving self put my poor skin through.


I use TeeSpring for all my merchandise. TeeSpring produces the product on-demand, which means the tanks, tees and other gear are produced once your order is placed. Teespring also handles the shipping, and customer support. 

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