20-Minute Sculpt Your Shoulders for Women Over 40

Grab a couple of pairs of dumbbells (one pair for beginners) and join me in this shoulder sculpting workout for women.

I target all the heads of the deltoid (your shoulder muscle), with some emphasis also on the posture muscles,

Great little workout to do with a HIIT/Tabata workout (try this one), or as a stand alone if sculpting your shoulders is one of your goals.ย 


A pair of light + moderate dumbbells


1. Front raises with a pause x4
2. Front raises – faster x8
3. Side lateral raises with a pause x4
4. Side lateral raises – faster x8
5. Reverse flys with a pause x4
6. Reverse flys – faster x8
7. Wide rows with a pause x4
8. Wide rows – faster x8

9. Shoulder presses 3 x 12 – use a heavier weight here if you can


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