21 Day Fitness Makeover

Small changes = big results

21 Day Fitness Makeover

What if you had an easy and simple way to start exercising and eating better?

A daily reminder, a daily plan and a trainer by your side to help you start making fitness a habit?

It would be far easier to stick to your health goals, wouldn't it?

The 21 Day Fitness Makeover is that plan.

The 21 Day Fitness Makeover - the perfect program for the unmotivated.

What is the 21 Day Fitness Makeover?

The 21 Day Fitness Makeover is a 21 day program providing you with:

  • Workouts
  • Fit Tips
  • My favourite healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Ways to reset your metabolism so you burn fat faster

Each day a new workout, or recipe, or fit tip will open up for you in the Member's Area.

The 21 Day Fitness Makeover is all about making little steps towards big changes.

Who is the plan best for?

  • Those new to fitness
  • People wanting to take small steps to change
  • Anyone looking for 21 days of easy and simple ways to makeover their health

What to expect

  • Your fitness program jumpstarted!
  • Your bad habits slowly being replaced by better ones
  • A commitment to your health
  • The knowledge (and tools!) to exercise properly in your home
  • Inches lose and confidence gained
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Don't watch the clock. Instead do what it does and keep going.

PJ Wren

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