No Equipment Workout

I’m getting ready for my 2-week vacation through Georgia and South Carolina. Which is why this particular workout uses no equipment.

I wanted to record a great total body workout that you can do anywhere – like when on vacation.

You see, I am a firm believer of working out when you travel (shocker, uh!).

Think of it this way, you didn’t spend the last X number of days/weeks/month/years to get to where you are to only throw some of it away cause of a one or two week vacation.

And, you will lose it.

Experts call it the detraining period and you can expect to lose both strength and aerobic capacity in a two week period.

I know, personally, I lose aerobic a lot faster than my strength.

So, I always make a point of doing some sort of run, or bodyweight circuit at least two or four times a week when away.

The Studio

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The Workout



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