Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep

Month 3 of my bikini competition prep is almost to an end.

In fact, this whole journey is almost coming to an end.

In nine days I will put my hard work to the test when I strut my very pretty and bejewelled (yet ridiculously skimpy in the derriere) bikini on stage.

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Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Bikini Fitness with PJ

My bejewelled bikini. Lord help me.

Am I ready?

I think I’m ready. I have given this all I got and I have tried my best to stay on point with my diet and my workout plan.

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I have to admit, though, my body did not make this easy for me.

In month two I got what I thought was a bad cold, which turned into a chest and sinus infection.

Two weeks of medications and six weeks later I am still not 100%.

Then three weeks ago I got shingles. Luckily we caught them early and with some heavy duty meds I was not affected like most people are.

And, finally, just last week I strained my right hip/glute and was not able to train for a couple of days and I am now in physio and massage.

If you are local my favourite physio is Paul at Align Physiotherapy in North Vancouver. In fact, he is so awesome he doesn’t even need a website – haha – but you can Google him. And my massage therapist is Kylie, who is located in Tsawwassen, and she is the BOMB!

The glute thing really ticked me off too.

I pride myself in being able to train people (including myself) hard, but without hurting them.

However, with this injury I have to admit I kinda deserved it.

I upped my weight way too much on my walking lunges (from 70 pounds to 100 pounds), and on the first set I felt the hip go, but I still keep on lunging… for five more sets.

So my desire for a young-looking, perky rear end was my downfall.

Vanity, it will get ya every time.

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Month 3 Bikini Prep Competition - Fitness with PJ

Baby got back.

Have I cheated?

Yup. I will be completely straight up with you.

I have cheated, but I am so good at making myself feel guilty that the cheats were not substantial.

In addition, because I was staying 97% on my diet my coach gave me some cheat meal nights on the weekend this past month (on each of them you would have found me at the Cactus Club having a veggie burger with sweet potatoe fries. My fave meal ever!).

I know of some of the girls that I pose with have had hard days and cheated bad. I’m talking McDonald’s, donuts, ice cream.

That’s not how I normally eat, so thankfully it’s not what I have done or would do.

As for exercise, other than my stupid glute injury I have done exactly what I have written out for myself every Sunday for the week ahead.

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Enjoying some contraband on my birthday back on March 9th. Chocolate Lava Cake with homemade ice cream. God it was good.

Carbs, oh how I miss you.

Obviously to lose fat you need to cut the carbs, and I was ready for that.

What I was not ready for was having to measure my green veggies too!

For month 3 my coach put an end to my endless green veggies, especially for meals 3 and 4 (technically my lunch and dinner), to a half a cup with every meal.

This has been a challenge and one I have not followed precisely.

The lowest I can go is a 3/4 cup. You see I use veggies to fill myself up cause the two bites of yam or 1/4 cup rice I’m allowed sure as hell doesn’t do it.

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Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

The wee bit of carb I eat for dinner. This is 43 grams of yams looks like. Not much, eh?

Month 3 bikini competition meal plan

Other than having to measure out my green veggies now, my diet has stayed fairly the same – although I have upped my sodium to see if it helps to eliminate the little bit of belly bloat I still have.

Yes, too low of a sodium diet can make you retain water. It’s a fine line that you have to keep an eye on.

M1 – egg whites with Spike seasoning, oatmeal, 1 litre of water with lemon (for my oatmeal I developed the most awesome Pear & Apple Ginger Oatmeal for month 3)

M2 – BBQ chicken with green beans and asparagus

M3 – White fish with rice and broccoli and soy sauce (for the salt)

M4 – protein shake, or the same thing as M2

M5 – Turkey breast or chicken, with A TON of spinach and baby kale (I am allowed unlimited spinach and kale) dressed with Walden Farms Italian Dressing.

Walden Farms is a line of no carb, no sugar, no calorie dressings and sauces. I totally recommend the Italian Dressing, however before you put it on your salad mix it with 1 tbsp of white vinegar and then toss the dressing on your greens.

My coach gave me this tip and it makes the salad dressing taste awesome!

I am also in love with Walden Farms caramel syrup.

M6 – protein lava cake with caramel syrup

Additional: 5 litres of water a day, 10 g of branched chain amino acids three times a day and 10 g of glutamine three times a day too.

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Day 1 Abs & Day 68 Abs

Month 3 bikini competition workouts

My workouts have pretty much stayed the same as month 2, other than increased weights on a lot of the moves.

One thing I am thankful for – I didn’t have a lot of weight to drop to begin with.

There are some girls that are doing insane amounts of cardio to drop their body fat.

I’m talking 40-90 minutes of fasted cardio in the AM, afternoon weight training sessions and then an additional 20-30 minutes of cardio in the evening.


That is way too much cardio for a girl like me.

First, I’m not a huge fan of cardio to begin with, second my career is way to busy to allow me to be away from it that much on a daily basis, and third cardio BORES the hell out of me.

Instead, my cardio regime is a daily 20-30 minute workout, alternating between a steady-state run with my buddy Bella, or a HIIT workout with sprints, or the Stairmaster, or doing stairs at a popular local stair case where I live.

Weight training, however, is 3 days on, one day off. I lift as heavy as I can and smile the whole time through.

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Tips for bikini prep

If you are considering competing I recommend the following:

  • Get a coach who has done this before. While I have been a trainer for over 20 years, I have never competed and I knew I needed help. In addition, seeing a coach on a weekly basis for weigh ins and support will help you through the process. This isn’t easy and you will need the support to help get you through the prep. A good coach will do just that. If you live local my coach is a champ and really cares for her athletes. Click here to contact her.
  • If you have some sort of a physique (because you have been weight training on a regular basis) you can definitely get yourself ready 10-12 weeks out. If you need to build muscle I recommend 16-18 weeks out (muscle takes time ladies).
  • Train your glutes. Holy sh*t, I cannot stress this enough. My gutes and hamstrings, I have never trained them so much in the last 3 months. Perform walking lunges, one-legged deadlifts, step ups, plie squats and hip extension exercises, and when you do lift heavy! You need heavy loads to stimulate growth because the judges want to see muscular, perky butts.
  • Be prepared to say no, a lot. No to going out, no to dinner with friends, no to day trips with your loved one. You cannot go out like you used to when prepping for a competition. It is too challenging because of the designated meals (and food) you need to eat throughout the day.
  • As well be prepared to do some weird things. Such as the other day when I was driving down the highway coming home from physio. It was meal 4 time for me and there I was gnawing on a cold chicken breast instead of an apple or a protein bar like most normal people.
  • You may become obsessed with your poop – or lack there of. Constipation is normal with the diet, but it can be managed naturally. Try mineral oil (2 tbsp before bed), or Restoralax, or Stomach Ease by Nature’s Harmony (this one really worked for me!). There are also teas with the active ingredient senna that naturally relieve constipation. One popular brand you can buy pretty much anywhere is Smooth Move. And finally, to really help move things along and cure the no-poop-blues there are colonics (otherwise known as colon hydrotherapy).
  • Be prepared to spend some money. Competition training is not cheap. In fact, I am still recuperating emotionally from the cost of the bikini itself ($400!).
  • Practice walking in your stripper shoes (loving husband’s nickname for the mandatory 5″ heels I must wear). I wear mine to posing classes, as well as when I clean the house.
  • Practice your poses. You could have the most kicking body, but if you walk out on stage looking lost and confused you are doomed. Figure out a routine with your coach (picking poses that show off your body the best), and then keep doing that routine over and over again, week-in week-out.
  • You don’t need a fancy gym. I did all my workouts in my home gym with my dumbbells, TRX, ball, tubing and bench. For cardio I used the great outdoors.

Progression Photos

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Ground Zero – Day 1

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Month 1

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Month 2

Month 3 Bikini Competition Prep - Fitness with PJ

Month 3


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