Month 2 Bikini Competition Prep

It is now five weeks and two days before the competition. Wow! So close, yet also so far from a chocolate chip cookie and a day off from cardio!

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I started this journey on January 30th with the end goal of competing in my first figure competition.

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I will be competing in the bikini model division in both the novice and masters’ categories.

Why this goal?

Well, I am a menopausal 46-year old woman who wants to redefine what middle age looks and feels like.

I also absolutely refuse to believe that the best years of my life are over.

In fact, I firmly believe that I am only just getting warmed up.

You too?

Midlife. A tricky time.

Midlife is a tricky time. Let’s start with the word “midlife”.

If the stars align by the time you reach 41-years of age you will officially be in your midlife (Stats Canada places a woman’s life span as 81.7 years).

But, if you were like most 41-year olds when you reached your “official” mid way point in life you didn’t even consider that perhaps you were are at the mid-way point on your journey.

This is the real optimist vs pessimist test.

Do you consider yourself halfway through your life, or halfway to starting it?

For me the further north I get from 41-years the more I believe I am halfway to really starting my life.

Most women also start to consider their life and their purpose more, as they get older.

Goals, dreams and desires start to form that were never there before.

Values start to change too.

Where you may have valued career and building your material world in your 30’s and early 40’s, once you hit your late 40’s and 50’s you begin to value personal growth and relationships, while also seeking a better understanding of yourself and how you can make a difference in this world.

So, how the hell does a bikini competition do all that you wonder?


Proof your midlife can be your best life.

First and foremost I wanted to prove to myself that I could do this.

Second, I wanted to prove to other women that your midlife (and beyond) can be some of your fittest and most active times.

I also wanted to conquer some fears. You see I am what they classify as an introvert who must be an extrovert for their job.

Yes, I love being in front of a group of people teaching and I public speak on a regular basis, but for me it takes a lot of energy for me to put myself out there. It does not come naturally.

Those around me find it hard to believe that I am closet introvert, but I am.

In less than 40 days that is all gonna change, though.

In less than 40 days I will have to strut my sh*t in a bikini (that barely covers my rear-end), while wearing 5” heels.

Take that introvert-genes of mine!

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Lessons learned in 5” heels.

This journey has taught me more about my middle-aged self than any other goal I have set forth in the last six years.

For instance I have learned:

  • I am far better at the art of discipline than I was in my younger years
  • I am able to roll with the punches with a lot more grace and calmness than my younger years (and this month there has been A LOT of punches to roll with)
  • I can focus on one thing and turn off my multi-tasking brain – something younger PJ could never achieve
  • And, I do have the mental fortitude to eat broccoli and chicken while loving husband enjoys a pizza and more.


Is a bikini competition really a sport?

For anyone who does not think that these figure competitions are a sport  please tell that to a girl who must sacrifice on a daily basis what she wants versus what she must do.

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Actually, on second thought, I would recommend that you don’t ask. Cause you just might end up with a 5” spike heel in the side of your head.

This is a legit sport and we train hard.

We train just like any other athlete. We practice our event, just like any other athlete, and we have coaches just like any other athlete (And my coach ROCKS. However, don’t tick her off and don’t ever complain that she does not give you enough to eat. She will only pull out a photo of a starving child in Africa and ask you to then sing her the blues – true story).

I’ve got to shave what?

I have also had to do things, and change thought processes that never even entered my little brain prior to.

For instance:

  • You must weigh every piece of food that enters your mouth. At first I thought “give me a break”, however I am now in love with this and I am going to encourage ALL of my clients to do the same.
  • Portion control is a huge issue with people (myself included), and weighing and measuring your food really teaches you what a serving size is (cause it ain’t the whole box).
  • Tanning is super, uber important. On the day of the competition we will be judged on a number of criteria with one of them being the “glow of our tan”. This is such a huge deal that my coach sent me a two page Word document on how to prepare the skin for the spray tans that will commence 24 hours prior to the event, as well as the day of.
  • Part of the duties include shaving all of the hair on your body. All of it. Your butt, your upper back, the small of your back, your arms. Absolutely no hair allowed. Why? Apparently the spray will attach themselves to the little hairs, instead of to the skin. Loving husband has kindly volunteered to shave my a** and my back for me. What a doll.
  • Due to the lack of the material in the bottoms you must also deal with the hair down below too – if you get my just. For those of you under 40 this is a no-brainier. It seems most women in their 20’s and 30’s get fully waxed on a regular basis. Those of us that are 40+ do not. It’s just not something important for us and I, personally, believe we have hair down there for a reason. While I have waxed that area before I have never had what they call a full-Brazilian – and that is what I need. Not looking forward to Brazil. It sounds like a painful country.
  • The judges want to see confidence and swagger when you walk on the stage. Even if you don’t feel confident you must fake it and shake it like you are Beyoncé herself.
  • The girls who enter these competitions are some of the sweetest women I’ve meet. I was nervous when I went to my first posing class, thinking that this would be like high school again. A hierarchy of pretty girls looking down on me. This could not be further from the truth. The women are super supportive of one another, they are kind and they come from all walks of life.
  • A 10-day holiday to Mexico nine weeks before the event is the stupidest thing to do. It was absolutely impossible to stick to the diet. While I did do my very best I won’t lie drinks, chips, salsa and guacamole happened. When it did I tried to minimize the damage as best I could with daily workouts and telling myself, when I slipped, you can get back on track right away (as opposed to the attitude of “Oh well, I strayed now so I might as well keep going”). But, I also felt guilty every single day, and that is not how I like to spend a vacation. On the flip side, though, the break in my routine and the sun, surf and sand was exactly what my body needed. However, the moment the plane landed I tighten up my diet even more than my coach recommended. I figured I must pay for my sins at some time – and some time has arrived.
  • While in Mexico I also ended up getting quite sick and even as this blog is being posted I am still sick and on medication. It’s been almost a month of coughing and congestion. This has been another huge obstacle. While most women are starting to really crank up their training for the competition I have barely had the energy some days to walk. I could be angry and frustrated, but I have chosen not be. I am behind a bit, but I will catch up. This is just a bump in the journey I tell myself.
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My workouts.

My exercises themselves have not changed much from month one.

I designed a 5-day weight training plan that I can do at home. Granted my home gym is a bit better equipped than the next gal’s (so it’s a bit easier to see results), I am getting most of the job done with dumbbells.

I also designed it so no workout goes over 45 minutes.

For month 1 I used rep count of 15-12-10, this past month I have switched it up and am now performing 3 sets of 10-12 reps with as heavy as a load as I can handle.

My Saturday Plyo Hell Day and ab drill workout is still at 3 sets of 20-30 reps.

For month 2 I also stepped up my cardio to 7 days a week for 20-40 minutes session. I either run, use my StairMaster or treadmill, or perform stair repeats at a local hang out. I don’t believe in long cardio sessions and there is plenty of science out there confirming it.

I continue training my glutes as MUCH as I can.

For the following 5 weeks I will be changing my program, yet again, and adding another day of weight (so 6 days a week). Gotta keep those muscle fibres of mine confused so I keep seeing results!

My Bikini Competition Workout Week – Months 1 & 2

Sunday – Back, Biceps & Abs
Monday – Leg
Tuesday – Chest & Tris with some calf raises at the end
Wednesday – Longer cardio
Thursday – Glutes, Shoulders & Arms
Friday – HIIT workout + filming workouts for YouTube channel
Saturday – Plyometric Workout from Hell

My Diet – Month 2

Meal 1 – apple & blueberry oatmeal, egg whites done in the microwave with lots of Spike Seasoning (this is BY FAR my most favourite meal of the day)

Meal 2 – coffee with half and half and a tsp of honey. This is going to get me in a lot of trouble from my coach. She wants me eating a protein and a veggie (like broccoli), and I know I should be, and I will start. Tomorrow. I promise.

Meal 3 – grilled cod with Mrs Dash, 1/4 cup of rice and broccoli

Meal 4 – a protein shake (because lately I have been training in the afternoon)

Meal 5 – BBQ turkey breast with broccoli, or sautéed asparagus and green beans. Afterwards, while enjoying a cup of herbal tea, I have my little slice heaven – some sweet potatoe with cinnamon sprinkled on top. So good!

Meal 6 – protein mug cake (a lot tastier than it sounds and it’s my second most favourite meal of the day).

Water throughout the day (about 4-5 litres). So, if I am not sipping water, I am peeing, and if I am not peeing I am out shopping for more toilet paper.

Join me!

My first posing practice… ever

Month 2 posing practice…


Hey good looking!
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