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F*ck Dieting

Screw dieting, and learn to eat better instead with my Commit 28 plan. Perfect for people who want to get back-on-track, or who want a sensible approach to eating better. 


Fit & Strong Over 40 Blueprint

My most extensive program to get you feeling amazing. 6-weeks of workouts, tips, nutrition plans, meal plans all geared with one goal in mind… your success.


Anti-Inflammatory Plan

Begin this plan if you’ve been overdoing it with sugar, eating out a lot, or you just want an need an easy-to-follow nutrition plan.


About Me

I am YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40.

I specialize in workouts, and programs, for the over 40 woman – because our needs are a little different.

I don’t teach fads, I don’t do gimmicks and you will never hear any BS come out of my mouth.

Instead, I will tell it to ya straight, give you workouts and plans based on my over two decades of experience, and keep you smiling along the way.

Happy Clients

“I love that I can always count on your workouts to give me the sweaty workout I need.” – Patricia (age 52)

“Your workouts and your community on Patreon are amazing. Thank you PJ for always being there!” – Joan (age 64)

“You make this fun! I am also in awe of all different modifications you give on all your workouts!” -Megan (age 43)

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