Foam Roller Routine

I have found people fall into two camps when it comes to foam rolling.

Camp A, know about foam rolling and do it as regularly as they can.

Camp B, have heard of foam rolling, but they just aren’t quite sure why they need to do it.

What is foam rolling?

Foam rolling is a form of myofascial release, which is just a fancy word for releasing muscle tightness and trigger points, or “knots”, in the muscles.

It’s been used for years by professional athletes and therapists, and now can be found in gyms and studios throughout.

Rolling is likened to the “poor person’s” massage and a regular romp with your roller will help prevent injuries, improve your spinal alignment and posture, and increase your flexibility and mobility.

Tips When Rolling

  • Keep your rolling slow and controlled.
  • Move in multiple directions, don’t just roll up and down and down and up.
  • Add side-to-side movements, cross-friction and flexing and extending of the joint being rolled.
  • Roll for 30-60 seconds an area.
  • Use your arms and legs to help move your body and roll the roller.
  • Rolling a muscle may be a little painful, however, you don’t want to be screaming in pain. Rolling too hard on the muscles will activate the muscle spindles causing more muscle tightness. Not our goal with rolling.
  • Don’t roll right on a joint, keep ti soft tissue only.
  • Do not roll along the spine – again, avoid bone, hit flesh 🙂

15-Minute Foam Roller Routine

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