Low Impact Intense Workout

I was sitting at an intersection the other day when I glanced at the top of my head in my rearview mirror (I don’t know, to fix my bangs or something probably), when I noticed a grey hair.

WTF? On closer inspection I noticed some more.

Now, I do have a grey hair. Yup. One. It’s by my forehead and I pluck it.

I pluck it in front of all my other hairs too. So they can see what happens if they too decide to be rebellious and go grey.

It’s like a warning, behave or you’re gone baby.

But, they ain’t behaving anymore. In fact, there is a bloody mutiny going on.

And this just happened too. Last month (when I was 47) everything was cool. Now, at 48, everything is not so cool anymore.

What’s girl to do?

Head to the hairdresser I guess. Cause if I keep plucking I might be bald πŸ™‚


A pair of heavy dumbbells

One light dumbbell

The Workout




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