Legs & Core Tabata Workout

You may or may not already know, but loving husband and I don’t have children. Instead we have a dog that we treat like our child.

But, so do millions of other childless pet owners.

Have you noticed that?

Those that don’t have little kids tend to treat their pets a little differently than those who do.

Now, I am not insinuating that people with little ones don’t treat their pets as well as those without.

Nope, instead I am simply making an observation that those of us without kids have more time on our hands, and usually more money too – and with that extra time and cash we tend to focus it on our pets.

I know for a fact if I had kids they would take away some of the extra time and money that I spend on Bella (and the poor children would also need therapy… but that’s whole different blog).

Case in point my latest purchase and afternoon of entertainment.


Bella’s Christmas Jester hat.

Now, if I had a child I would bring this humiliation upon them. But, as I stated above I don’t, so my dog gets it.

Like any self-respecting dog, Bella was not quite a lit up as I was with the whole costume. It’s almost like she knew how ridiculous she looked. Maybe me laughing and giggling while clicking pic after pic for social media was an indicator. However, her p*ssed off look won’t stop me from having fun this month.

Sorry Bella-girl and watch out. The reindeer antlers and Rudolf nose are next 🙂

24-Minute Legs & Core Tabata

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