7 Ways to Reduce Muscle Soreness

Some tips & tricks that have helped my clients over the 2 decades of personal training:

1. Warm up! Get the blood circulating, the joints lubricated & the body ready.

2. Foam roll to break up the adhesions in the muscle.

3. BCAA’s – branched chain amino acids help fuel you during intense exercise AND help you recover faster. I swear by this stuff!

4. After a workout, stretch out the tightest areas in your body, and try using a band for a better stretch.

5. Have enough protein in your day so the amino acids can help repair the muscle tissue.

6. And… if you didn’t listen to tips 1-4 and wake up crippled 48-72 hours later, best thing to do is to move! Do a bodyweight workout, some cardio, or a yoga workout.

7. Sleep too. If you are robbing the body of sleep, then it is gonna rob you of recovery.


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