A few years ago, I retooled my branding, some of my programs and my mission regarding my business, Fitness with PJ.

I went from selling weight loss programs to sunsetting all of them (and some were quite lucrative too).

I also changed my tagline from ‘Helping women reclaim the tush of their 20’s’ to ‘We don’t care about the number on the scale. What we care about are the numbers on your dumbbells.’. To further cement my stance on what my values were as a trainer.

Why did I do this? Drop programs making me money, go opposite to what every algorithm wants.

Because I want to cultivate a community of strong and fit women with a healthy relationship with food.

Selling weight loss programs flew right in the face of that.

While all weight loss programs work, when followed, many of us struggle with that ‘following’ part.

So, we “fall off” the wagon.

And then, perhaps we gain more weight while getting furiously frustrated and pissed off because our bodies are changing faster than we can manage.

Sound familiar?

If so, I understand.

I, too, struggle with this pull to starve myself so my stomach is flat again, to coming back to reason and reminding myself that I am in a different season in my life.

Does this mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, want a flat stomach? Absolutely not.

You can achieve any goal, no matter what your age. 

If you deem something important, you will find a way.

If you are struggling, and fat loss is important to you, I have these four tips which will drop the fat – and a truth bomb.

To lose body fat:

1. Know your numbers.
To lose body fat, you must be in a calorie deficit, and each of us is unique in our daily caloric needs. These needs are based on our individual BMR (basal metabolic rate – the calories our body needs to accomplish basic life-sustaining activities – like breathing to digesting food), and our total daily energy expenditure (TDEE – everything else outside of our BMR).

Find out your BMR & TDEE here.

My combined BMR & TDEE came to 1,975 calories. That is the number of calories I need daily to maintain my current body weight.

If I want to lose a pound per week, I would need to drop my calories to 1,764, and in 3 months, I would reach my goal weight.

Can you go more aggressive with your fat loss approach? Lower your daily calories so you lose weight faster. Yup! But be honest with yourself and ensure this is something you can maintain and won’t make you miserable (and miserable for those around you, too).

FYI: you will need to revise this number every few weeks. As your body weight goes down your daily caloric needs will go down as well. What daily caloric need helped you lose weight at 175 lbs, for instance, will be different at 160 lbs.

2. Increase your protein.
Once you know your daily caloric numbers, break down your macronutrients so you get 30-35% of your diet from protein.

Why protein? Because study after study has proven that a higher protein diet is far more effective for fat loss (and muscle growth).

3. Stay consistent.
Fat loss isn’t a Monday-Friday gig. It’s a 7-day-a-week commitment.

4. Lift heavy sh*t.
‘Strength training builds lean muscle tissue, and it’s this tissue that is the most metabolically active. Meaning, the more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn – at rest & while

you work out.

Truth bomb 💣: whether this is a truth bomb or simply the hard truth, you need to log your food daily for your new fat loss program to work.

Most people grossly underestimate what they eat in a day, making them believe that the program they are on doesn’t work or that it’s because of hormones, age, etc.; in reality, it’s because they are eating more.

So track your food because the numbers will never lie.

Now you have all the info you need to drop any amount of body fat.

Please bookmark this page, refer to it when you need guidance, and then let’s move on with the conversation.

Moving away from a fat loss focus to the amazing things your body does for you RIGHT now.

Thank you,

PJ ox







PJ ox

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