6 Tips To Do To When a Food Craving Comes On

Cravings suck! They can rob us our energy (hello blood sugar spike & crash), and ruin our waistlines.

If you find you get cravings I want you to try these 6  tried & true tips to avoid a craving.

Drink water. Quite often we dehydrated and need water, not hungry and need a package of Twizzlers’.

Quit sugar for 2 days. Go cold turkey to help rewire your brain.

Have healthy snacks available to ya. Think low fat Greek yogurt with some mashed up berries, an apple and almond butter, red pepper, broccoli and hummus, hard boiled egg and some cheese. Have them prepped and ready to go & you’ll eat ‘em.

Plan & prep for the week ahead.

Set your oven timer on for 20 minutes after you’ve eaten, before you grab that cookie or Twizzler. Gove the food sometime to digest and I can pretty much guarantee you won’t want it after the 20 mins are up.

Stay busy. Bored and idle hands snack. Keep yourself busy, go for a walk after your dinner, have a bath, go workout, or do a yoga class… or one of my workouts. Stay busy and you won’t crave a thing.


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