24-Minute HIIT + Abs Workout

This workout moves fast baby.

It’s one set, 40 seconds on, 15 seconds of rest in-between and a total of 20 exercises.

In addition to getting the job done quickly (and with no repetition), you also don’t need any tools for this workout.

All you need is you and a solid WiFi connection πŸ™‚

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New Year’s Resolutions

Today isΒ  January 1st – so Happy New Year!

Everyone is rolling out of bed today with the best of intentions to make their resolutions, their promises to themselves, stick for the year.

And I love that.

In fact, I have a few myself cause I’m always trying to up my game – and what better time to begin but with a new year.

What I don’t love, however, is when we beat ourselves up, or throw in the towel completely, if we go off the rails.

Perfection is unattainable babycakes. Hiccups and bumps in life will occur.

Hiccups and bumps in life will occur. Click To Tweet

What is attainable, and completely in your power though, is what you do when you do hit a bump and fall down.

The way I see it you got two choices: A) give up, B) dust yourself off and get back up again.

Which choice can you live with?

Ask yourself that next time you hit a speed bump in life… and if you need some encouraging I am always here for ya.

24-Minute HIIT + Ab Workout

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