Gym Etiquette – Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins

Lifting properly is only one area in the gym that you should be working on. What every woman (and man!) needs to know about proper gym etiquette.

The other day, when I was at the bank the nice young fellow behind the desk (jeez that line made me sound old, when the hell did I get so old?) suggested that I write about gym etiquette.

Apparently he recently had a few experiences with gym-goers who did not respect those around them because they were oblivious to the sins that they were committing.


Gym Etiquette 101

If yoi see someone lacking some gym etiquette it could be because of one of three reasons:

  • First, they are new to the whole gym-going experience and don’t know any better. It’s like when you were learning how to ride a bike. The pedalling part you knew about, cause you’d seen it, but the getting on the bike, staying on the bike and braking was not something that you could visually teach yourself. You could eventually learn, however it would take a lot of band-aids and heart ache, or better yet, it could be taught to you by someone who has been there and done that.
  • Second, there’s the gym-goer who is a frequent participant of going to the gym, but is just unaware of the fact that they are one sweat drop away from having a dumbbell thrown at them.
  • And finally, there’s the third type of gym-goer who couldn’t care less about those around them and strut around like they own the place. This blog is not going to help them. A dumbbell dropped on their toe on the other hand…. just saying.

Now, I don’t hang out in gyms much anymore (one of the perks of having a gym in my own home), but I do remember the usual gym etiquette sins, and they can be boiled down to these seven.


1/ Thou shall not hog all of the equipment.
Yes we get it, you like to super set your program, however just make sure that others around you can work in on that piece of equipment as well. For new gym-goers, if you would like to use a piece of equipment that someone else is on simply ask them “Can I work in?”, and work in when their set is done.

2/ You shall have no cell phones on the gym floor.
There is nothing worse than seeing “selfies” being taken and texts being exchanged back and forth while working out. Not only is this just ridiculous to witness, it is also distracting and takes away your own workout. Trust me, your Instagram account will survive the 45 minutes without an update.

3/ Remember, you are not the only one.
If you like to listen to music, great. Just please no singing, humming, whistling or even head banging. Leave that for the drive home.

4/ Honour your workout partners.
Don’t clang your weights together, drop your weights on the ground with drama, and grunt and groan through your set. Yes, we are struggling too with our own workout, but you don’t hear us sounding like a wounded Beluga whale while doing so.

5/ Thou shall not smell.
Working out can be stinky business and that’s why they make this amazing product called deodorant. So, please use it.

With that being said don’t swing the other end of the pendulum and douse yourself in perfume, cologne, hairspray or stinky body lotion prior to either. While you may believe that you are smelling like a garden of roses, the rest of us are holding our breathe – which FYI is really challenging to do while working out.

6/ You shall remember to wipe.
Sweating is messy business, so please wipe up after yourself. To take this one step further I would encourage you to bring a towel to the gym and sit on it (when you have to sit, cause let’s face it you came to the gym to get away from sitting), drape your towel over any gym equipment that you use and use your towel as a barrier between you and the mat.

On a completely separate note, if you are sick please stay at home. The biggest cesspool of germs originate in two places: kids and gym equipment. Please don’t add to the cesspool.
7/ In the end, nobody is watching you.
Probably one of the biggest fears a new gym-goer has is that others are watching them and judging them. With this said you will be happy to hear that that couldn’t be farthest from the truth.

In fact, everyone in the gym is far too concerned with what’s going on with them that you are really just a blip on their radar. Nothing more. So, fear not and go forth and be fit.







PJ ox

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