25-Minute Glute Workout for Women Over 40

Get the ass of a 20-year old with this butt-lifting, glute intensive workout. 🙂

This quick little workout is fast and effective.

It’s also low impact, making it great for all levels of fitness, and not only do we hit the glutes we also target the outer hips, hamstrings and quads.

You’re welcome. ox



1 pair of moderate dumbbell 

A bench or chair


1. Sumo pulse squats
2. Alternating curtsey lunges
2 x 30sec

3. Donkey kicks with dumbbell
4. Other leg
5. Weighted glute bridge
2 x 30sec

6. Bulgarian lunge off bench or chair
7. other leg
8. 1 leg deadlift
9. Other leg
2 x 30sec

10. Fire hydrants with dumbbell
11. Other side
12. Alternating side lunges
13. Eccentric deadlifts
14. 3 pulse squat jumps with dumbbell
2 x 30sec



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