40-Minute Full Body Circuit

We are everywhere in this workout.

And by everywhere I mean we are standing, we are on the ground, our intervals are super short, and sometimes longer.

We do some cardio, some weights and some stretch.

We use our bodyweight and weights.

Like I said, we are everywhere.

It’s awesome, you’re gonna love it!

Full Body Circuit Workout

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Netflix Series I Recommend

This list is TOTALLY unrelated to this workout, or any workouts for that matter.

But… I thought what the hell? Maybe people will find it interesting. Or not.

The Last Kingdom

About the Vikings trying to claim the last kingdom of England. Amazing acting, fight scenes, story line and the lead character is not too hard to look at. Just saying.

The Fall

Sadly there are only 3 seasons of this crime-detective show. It stars Gillan Anderson as the detective and Jaime Dornan as the serial killer. I loved this series.

The OA

I don’t even know how to describe this show, expect that it’s awesome. The lead is a blind girl who has gone missing for seven years ago, and returns home, in her 20s with her sight restored, as well as a few other abilities. Can’t wait for season 2.


I watched this cause we thought it was a joke. A series about Archie, Jughead and Betty – in today’s time? WTHell? But, it is good. Jughead is homeless, his dad is a Hell’s Angel type dude, Ritchie has an affair with a teacher and Veronica’s dad is a mobster in jail. This show is seriously addicting.

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a marvel character – so if you don’t like super hero shows stay away from this series. But, I love it. She’s tough, she’s mouthy and she drinks like a fish. She’s basically my newest girl crush.

House of Cards

Goes without saying, House of Cards needs to be on any must-watch list, however I am finding the newer seasons not nearly as good as season 1 and 2. You?


Loving husband and I are addicted to this show and can’t wait for season 2. The premise of Sense8 is that eight strangers from all over the world who can mentally linked to each other, and the secret government agency hunting them down. Some of the best acting on television can be found on this series.

Stranger Things

Wow, this series rock! It is a sci-fi about a lost boy, a government lab steeped in terrible secrets, a mother who won’t rest until her son is found, and a weird little girl with a fetish for Eggo waffles.

The Crown

I adore the Queen, and even more so after watching this bio-series about her becoming the Queen of England. She is one tough woman.

The Killing

This series has wrapped itself up, with no more new seasons, but don’t let that stop you from watching. If you love crime drama’s (like The Fall listed above), you’ll love this series.


A British crime series about a very, seriously flawed detective. However, those are the kind of characters I like.

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