30-Minute Full Body BOSU Ball Workout

A 30-minute full body workout using the BOSU ball, bodyweight and dumbbells.

Due to popular demand I am releasing a full body BOSU ball workout.

I try not to release workouts that require special tools, however my other two BOSU ball workouts  have a lot of views.

Collectively over 20,000 views.

Which is a lot for a channel like mine!

BOSU ball, it’s not a fad

With that many hits this tells me that A) the BOSU ball is a popular workout tool on ol’ YouTube, and B) not a lot of trainers are designing YouTube workouts with the BOSU ball.

Case in point my Strength & Cardio HIIT Workout I released a few weeks ago. This workout, in my opinion, is one of the best and funniest workouts to date. However, it only has 1,444 views.

So, why would one of my better videos have such low views?

Because EVERY fitness channel does a workout like that.

You will always find strength, cardio and bodyweight workouts on any YouTube fitness channel.

And with that much noise on YouTube it is harder to get heard when you’re a smaller channel.

I’m saving myself

Loving husband joined me this workout and I have to give him credit. He did pretty good considering the last time he was on a BOSU ball was about 12-15 years ago.

There were a few spastic moves, which will make you fall in love with him more, and some really bad looking lunges in the warm-up section.

He had an excuse though. He claims he was saving himself for the workout to come.

Uh uh.

30-Minute Full Body BOSU Ball Workout

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About the BOSU ball

BOSU is pronounced “Bo,” like the boy’s name, and “Sue,” like the girl’s name. It was developed by athletic trainer David Weck in 2000.

The name BOSU started out from the acronym “Both Sides Up”, with it changing in the last few years to “Both Sides Utilized”.

I, personally, received a BOSU Ball certification in 2002 and have been working with it ever since.

While I don’t think you HAVE to one to achieve better fitness, it does offer a different element to a lot of exercises, and is kinda fun to use.

Click here to visit BOSU’s website.

30-Minute Full Body BOSU Ball Workout

Ball Body BOSU Ball Workout


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