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Take Charge of Your Bone Health through fitness with the 30+ Day Osteoporosis Program

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Learn what exercises you need to strengthen your muscles AND bones. Full follow-along workouts, plus more.

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Workouts to help you stay fit and

strengthen your bones.

30 + days of full-length, follow-along workouts to help you feel your best.

Trainer-designed & lead workouts

Safe for osteoporosis, osteopenia and osteoarthritis

Home workouts, in 30-minutes or less, using little to no equipment

Workout schedule, exercise safety tips, exercises to avoid, posture building exercises, flexibility exercises, strength and cardiovascular exercises

Yours for life so you can repeat the program as many times as you like

30+ Day Plan

Easy to follow, effective workouts for anyone with osteoporosis, osteopenia, and osteoarthritis.

Certified Trainer

Workouts designed by personal trainer
PJ Wren.

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Simple one-time payment, with all workouts and materials downloadable.

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All the tools you need to continue getting stronger and fitter.

A program for osteoporosis & osteopenia


Because your needs are different.

Because you need to be exercising.

Because you need options with your workouts.

Because you want to get stronger.

And because you deserve to continue living your best life.

What does being diagnosed with osteoporosis mean to you?

Emotions can run from scared to frustrated to angry – especially if you are an active person. I understand as I’ve been working with people just like you for over two decades.

You are not alone.

According to recent statistics from the International Osteoporosis Foundation, worldwide, 1 in 3 women over the age of 50 years and 1 in 5 men will experience osteoporotic fractures in their lifetime.

Start doing the right exercises NOW and let’s strengthen
your bones, your muscles and your resolve.

Is this workout plan good for beginners?

You better believe it!

So long as you can get up off the ground, you are good to go.

IMPORTANT: if you are unable to get up and down from the ground without assistance, this is not a good program for you.

I lead you through every workout and show modifications throughout, and I also have quick tutorial videos explaining form and technique in the Pre-Training section of the course:

  • How to Keep Your Spine Safe
  • What Exercises to Avoid with Osteoporosis
Can I workout from home?

Yes! The workouts take up a very little footprint, only require a chair and a few pairs of dumbbells and I have even added a section in the Welcome PDF on my recommendations when setting up a home workout area.

I have severe osteoporosis...

If your osteoporosis is severe this program is not a good fit for you.

Instead, I recommend a personal trainer, or small group class, where the instructor can be present to help you with form.

How many times a week do I need to commit to the workouts?

24 hours a day, seven days a week tongue-out

Just joking!

You will find 3 strength workouts and 2 short cardio or balance and core workouts for every week PLUS one bonus workout if you are feeling energetic.

From there you’ll perform those 5 or 6 workouts anytime in your 7-day week – either consecutively or with a mid-week break if desired.

And… remember, this plan is yours for life.

Most of my participants re-do this program 2-3 times.

What if I have bad knees/ hips/ low back/shoulders?

If there is one thing I am known for, it’s the ability to coach all levels.

This plan comes with a quarter of a century of experience training people over the age of 50.

You will be given safety cues and tips, as well as modifications for movements that are more vigorous than others.

How long are the workouts?

No workout goes longer than 35-minutes, and on average the workouts are 25-minutes long.

I have started my 30-Day Osteoporosis & Osteopenia Bone-Building Fitness program and move on to day 3 today!

Love the workouts and your intro’s instructions prior to starting the workouts. Even though I have been doing your various workouts for the last couple of months, paying attention to form using the broomstick really helped me with my head alignment. Also, realized I probably shouldn’t have been doing some of the exercises due to my osteoporosis. Oops!

Over the years, I have tried various exercise classes and became discouraged because the instructors did not emphasize form or provide proper stretches (even I as a non-expert in exercise could see that).

I can’t thank you enough for developing and offering this program! Also, love the more advanced steps to keep those of us who are more active, challenged.


I was told in 2022 that I have Osteoporosis in my back (lumbar region) and Osteopenia in my hips.

I did not accept this for the rest of my life so I went on a mission to eat the right foods and learn how to build muscle and bone mass. 

That was when I found PJ!

I stuck to the workouts, all the way through to the end, which in itself, was a success for me!

PJ is an amazing trainer! 

She spends countless hours preparing fun yet challenging dynamic exercises and strategically placing them within each series.  During each and every workout, she is coaching along the way, and I find that very valuable.

I love her personality! 

She is quirky, fun, dedicated and passionate about her training. PJ is the friend you want in your life cheering you on!  


I’m new to the program and I am really enjoying it. I look forward to each new class.

I feel that my muscles getting stronger and I can see improvement in my balance.

Thank you very much, PJ for this amazing program!


I love the Osteoporosis Program. I feel that the exercises are good and they are definitely helping me get stronger!

PJ is great explains everything and is a great motivator. I’m now starting round 3 and I like that I don’t have to worry about what to do next. I highly recommend this program!


PJ’s videos were a Godsend learning I had osteoporosis! She gave me hope that I still had some control. So I signed up for her 30-day Osteoporosis Program and quickly discovered it’s the program that keeps giving!

Not only was the content relevant and gave me results, but PJ  truly cares about her clients -her accessibility and support are proof.

I have never felt better or stronger! I feel empowered and am delighted to be progressively lifting heavier weights.

I went from avoiding gyms out of fear of looking silly to getting compliments at the gym on my form, all thanks to PJ! Her videos make you feel like she’s in the room with you as you kick osteoporosis’ butt! Plus, she is funny as heck.


I honestly can not believe how good I feel. If you have osteoporosis or osteopenia and have any doubts about ordering PJ’s 30-day Osteoporosis fitness plan, DON’T WAIT!

I don’t know why I waited so long. I was always so nervous about lifting weights once diagnosed. Not anymore.

I am so much stronger as well. I feel more confident and now I’m lifting heavier weights!! So excited.

Thank you for all the encouragement as well PJ. I love how you remind us to make sure we are breathing and are in the correct position etc. Best decision I have made for myself to keep my bones and myself healthy. Thank you!


I just want to thank you so much for your insight,  expertise, and wonderful workout program for Osteoporosis. 

I am a 62 year old who fractured my T 4-5 two years ago- from getting out of bed- or so I thought. Turns out, I think it was from rounding my back doing sit-ups! Hip hinge is always in my mind with everything I do (literally).

I have always cared for myself (actively) and this diagnosis of osteoporosis was a shock to me.  I was told to do yoga, no jogging, running, therefore kept to walking, but, not strength building!

Oh my- what a difference your program has given me in just one month.  I feel so much stronger, and I feel my muscles again!  THANK YOU!  

I continue to work out and really enjoy the workouts and knowledge you bring to each class.  The difficulty now is choosing what exercise I want to do LOL.  Thank you again- I now have exercises for life.



30+ Days Osteoporosis Bone-Building Program Gives Everything You Need To Get Stronger and Fitter

About Me

It’s great “to meet” you. If you don’t know about me allow me to give you the “Coles Notes” version of my two + decade career in the fitness industry.

I have been a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness instructor since 1994 – well before anyone really knew what a personal trainer was.

I have owned multiple training studios, I hold several national certifications in the fitness industry, I have written for newspapers and magazines, had a national fitness television show, and I have been YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40 since 2011.

I have a no BS approach to living a healthy life and I believe that moderation is the key to health and happiness.

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7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you find, after purchasing, that this is not what you were looking for simply email me within 7 days of purchase for a refund (minus the processing fees).



I’m soooo happy with PJ’s 30-Day Program. After my osteoporosis diagnosis in May, I went on an exercise research rampage trying a variety of routines I collected, mostly from YouTube.

I discovered Fitness with PJ in her separate YouTube videos and really liked her enthusiasm-with-a-dash-of-sarcasm.  I even appreciated the absence of music…it lent a calmness I like. 

I soon saw a mention of her 30-Day Osteoporosis Program and learned that the program contained videos in a day-by-day easy-to-display package that’s mine to keep, for a reasonable price. I took a leap of faith and am glad I did.  She is super-organized and it shows in the way she displays and presents the routines.

I’m on round 8 now.  I keep copious records of my barbell weights used and examples of my reps are done. 
My legs and abs are definitely more toned, and my hips seem to have straightened a bit.  When getting up from chairs and the floor these days, I notice I’m rarely hearing my “I’m-getting-up-now” groan.  And I’m sure there are other daily-life functional improvements that have happened so gradually that I take them for granted.  Thanks, PJ!

I am so thankful for PJ’s Osteoporosis Program! It came along at just the right time, right after I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I had no idea what exercises I should concentrate on, much less how to safely exercise.

This program taught me the importance of weight training, proper form and technique – especially that all-important hip hinge – what types of moves to avoid and what to do instead, and lots of functional movement instruction.

I followed the original program twice and will definitely do it again. I feel so much stronger thanks to PJ!


What can I say having just turned 70 years old… I love this program—worth every penny and then some.  It’s been easy to incorporate into my daily routine, it’s fun, it’s challenging and the rewards both mentally and physically have been undeniable!


I started the program in October. After being diagnosed with osteoporosis, I did not want to go into medicine and I found your videos very interesting. I have been doing them for almost 4 months without stopping and I have seen results in my body, now I feel stronger and more confident and I have built more muscle.  

My husband has been doing the exercise with me for two months and he tells me that the PJ program is the best for everyone!


Helping women get stronger.


I’ve been working with people of all ages, all fitness abilities, and varying fitness goals for over two decades.

My YouTube channel focuses only on women over the age of 40, as does my Patreon site.

And… this is where this program came alive.

I was answering many questions (on my YouTube channel) whenever I released an osteoporosis workout.

Because people did not know what to do…

There was confusion about what workouts they should be doing – to what exercises they should avoid.

If you have osteoporosis, you know you need to exercise, but maybe you don’t know what you should be doing week in week out for best results.

This 30-day program takes the guesswork out with an easy-to-follow plan.

Let’s get fitter and stronger together.

You in?

How The Program Works

Stronger muscles and bones with this step-by-step, easy to follow program.

Five workouts a week, with an optional sixth.

No two workouts are the same.

Full follow-along videos.

Program is yours for life.

Pre-Training Materials

Welcome Video

About the Program

Can You Reverse Osteoporosis?

How to Hip Hinge & Keep Neutral Spine

Exercises NOT To Do With Osteoporosis & What To Do Instead

Tips For Success With The Program

Program Checklist (so you get the ost of the program)

Dumbbell Recommendations (per fitness level and area of the body)

Week 1

Workout 1 - Total Body Strength (38-min)

Workout 2 - All Standing Low Impact HIIT (25-min)

Workout 3 - Strength + Core (26-min)

Workout 4 - Mini Sweat & Big Stretch (30-min)

Workout 5 - Total Body Strength for All Levels (30-min)

OPTIONAL Workout - Walking Workout + Balance Drills (26-min)

Week 2

Workout 6 - EMOM Strength (27-min)

Workout 7 - Low Impact Tabata (28-min)

Workout 8 - Upper Body Strength (33-min)

Workout 9 - Balance & Core (21-min)

Workout 10 - Lower Body Strength (34-min)

OPTIONAL Workout - EMOM Cardio + Core (24-min)

Week 3

Workout 11 - Ladder Style Total Body Strength (29-min)

Workout 12 - Cardio For Bad Knees (29-min)

Workout 13 - Strong Arms Workout (20-min)

Workout 14 - Mini Tabata + Stretch (28-min)

Workout 15 - No Squats, No Lunges Leg Day (29-min)

OPTIONAL Workout - Low Impact Cardio + Lower Leg Strengthening for Balance (31-min)

Week 4

Workout 16 - MetCon Workout (32-min)

Workout 17 - EMOM Cardio Workout (27-min)

Workout 18 - Arms & Shoulders Strengthening Workout (31-min)

Workout 19 - Total Body Mobility (15-min)

Workout 20 - Lower Body Strengthening + Balance Workout (30-min)

OPTIONAL Workout - Athletic Cardio (27-min)

Next Steps

How to turn your 30-day program into a 60 & 90 day program

Other resources to help you and your osteoporosis

Bonus Materials

I wanted this program to be the most extensive exercise program for women with osteoporosis.

Provide women with all the workouts, resources and tools so she can fight back to regain
her muscle and bone strength, her bone quality and her day-to-day function.

These bonus materials, accompanied with the program above,
will achieve just that!

Over $300 worth of bonuses are yours when you join the program.

4-Week Walking Program

Setting Up Your Home Workout Area

15 Healthy Pre & Post Workout Recipes

20 Healthy Bone-Building Recipes

4 Part Video Series: Bone Health & Nutrition

Yoga for Osteoporosis (follow along workout)

Posture Strengthening for Osteoporosis (follow along workout)

Hand & Wrist Strengthening (follow along workout)

Warm Up Before a Walk or Workout (follow along workout)

Post Walk or Workout Stretches (follow along workout)

Core Strengthening Workout (follow along workout)

No Repeat Core Burner (follow along workout)

Fall Prevention Workout (follow along workout)

5 Strength-Based Workout Finishers (follow along workouts)

I am so thankful I found PJ and her osteoporosis program! I have always been relatively active and the osteoporosis diagnosis was a surprise.

This program has been a godsend!

PJ is fun to work out with, and so informative.  I am always learning new things as we work out together.

I especially enjoy that she gives verbal cues throughout the entire workout so I can be sure my positioning and posture are correct. 

I have done two of her other programs and now I’m repeating the osteoporosis program. I’m happy to see I am able to add heavier weights as I have improved. 

I also like that the workouts are given to me in the order in which they should be done. That is something I cannot plan for myself correctly. I will be sticking with PJ for a long time!


One of the BEST exercise programmes that I have tried out and I’ll tell you why. When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 45, my doctor gave me the number of a trainer so I could start exercising (like an old lady) and abandon my usual higher-impact activities.

Quite by accident, I stumbled upon PJ’s world and her bone-strengthening programme. And it is not a little old lady programme!

Not only does she train you consistently but she gives you her pearls of wisdom that you can later apply to any other exercise programme that you may wish to do later on and further apply to real-life situations eg brushing your teeth, picking up items, bending over etc (you will learn what the hip hinge is & how useful it is)!).

It’s not just a 30-day exercise programme, it will really train you how to live with osteoporosis at ANY age and you can modulate the programme at any level. I still haven’t used the number of the trainer my doctor gave me and I don’t think I will, because I have PJ. 


I love having the program available to supplement the other activities I do. I pick and choose what works for me and I have gone back to the same ones several times.

I am also using the content to help give me alternative exercises to do at my fitness classes. So many crunches are still being used!! 

I have also used the videos in the trailer while camping and on holidays.

I appreciate that you are acknowledging that many of us diagnosed with osteoporosis are active and fit and still want to work out.

I find you encouraging and fun – and you are right there sweating with us!!


My mind: I’m still young…

My bones: Like hell you are!

Let’s talk about the program…

This 30-Day Osteoporosis Bone-Building program combines the three different (and essential!) workouts that should be in every plan.

The workouts also build in intensity over the 30-days, so you keep building muscular strength and bone density and improve your cardiovascular endurance.

By the end of each workout, you will feel amazing!

This plan utilizes low-impact cardio workouts and balance workouts.

The strength workouts combine movements to strengthen everything from your legs, upper body and core while focusing on form.

Every workout and exercise is osteo-friendly, and you will be shown ways to modify the exercises – because I am well aware that not everything works 100% of the time when over 50.

The Three Elements Of A Workout:

1) Dynamic warm-up: will help prime your muscles and joints for a fantastic workout while also working on your mobility and range of motion.

2) Strength-based exercises: that are focussed on form, posture and alternatives if a move doesn’t feel right for you. Or, cardio-based exercises to get your heart rate up while still working on building the bone.

3) Cool-downs with a stretch: so you improve your flexibility and finish off your workout correctly!

I’ve designed these workouts specifically for people with osteoporosis, using my 20 years + of experience as a trainer.

The best part about this plan?

You do NOT need to spend hours working out to get amazing results…

All you need is about 30-minutes, five days a week to complete these workouts – and a few pairs of dumbbells.

So, get ready to have some fun and start feeling your best in the process.

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The not-so-small-small-print:

Price quoted in US funds.

Start today, or start when you’re ready.
The program is yours for life.

All PDF’s & exercise videos are available for download as soon as you join.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee (minus processing fees). 


The program

Almost a quarter of a century of experience is laid out in this step-by-step, easy to follow program.

4 weeks of full follow-along video workouts

I lead you through the entire workout. From warm-up to stretch. Five workouts a week, for 30 days.

Do them M-F, or spilt them up with a day off mid-week. It’s all up to you!

BONUS WORKOUT: There is also a 6th workout for each week – for those weeks you are feeling extra energetic.

Member Dashboard

Member’s only dashboard with all your videos and material – all in one place so everything is easy to find.

Osteoporosis friendly

Workout with confidence knowing that this program was specifically designed with your needs in mind.

Better balance

Fall prevention is important, and in every workout we will train some aspect of your balance. 

My recommendations

In your Pre-Training section on your Member’s Dashboard, you’ll find my recommendations on what size dumbbells you should be using, as well as tips and tricks to setting up your home workout area.

Strength-based workouts

Build your bone and muscle strength with specially designed weekly strength workouts that only use some dumbbells and a chair. 

What not to do

Learn what exercises to avoid, and why, when you have osteoporosis. Included with this important fit-tip video is a full library of Exercises to Avoid pdf for you to download.

New training techniques

Each week I will lead you through new training techniques and exercises so you never get bored!

Access to me

Once you register you’ll be given my personal email address so you can reach out anytime you have a question.

Over $300 of Bonus Workouts & PDFs

From recipes, to how to set up your workout area, to an additonal 14 workouts to a 4-part video sern bone health & nutrition PLUS more are included.

More praises for PJ

P.J. is consistent, encouraging [but not condescending], shows you how to pick your level, weight and speed, works around sore or tender joints and has SO many different workouts to choose from –  there is no way you can possibly get bored.  

Her challenges are fun, she’s cute, funny, is sometimes a little irreverent and sassy, and the community is great. 


I was in such a rut from doing the same at-home workouts. My enthusiasm was at an all-time low and I was not seeing any improvement in my fitness level. Then I found PJ Wren (Fitness with PJ) and she lit a fire in me that I thought was long gone.

Two months later, I’m in the best shape I’ve been since my 30’s!


PJ is a breath of fresh air, new moves, different routines, always an alternative for injuries or difficulties which is an absolute godsend and she says it how it is which we love. Also, PJ really does understand our aging and menopausal bodies which is tremendous. She works us hard, mixes it up, and helps you get to the next level and she does it with explanations, humour and fun. 


My commitment to you


This program is made with love and based on science.

Using training techniques that work for people with osteoporosis based on my 20+ years as a personal trainer and fitness instructor for the over 50 body.

I don’t teach fluff, and I will always give it to you straight – because that’s what you deserve.

And… I also promise to be with you every step of the way in this 30-day journey.


ox PJ


Are you ready to start getting fitter, stronger
and feeling better?


Is this program quoted in CDN or US dollars?

All of FWPJ programs and plans are in US funds because all of our expenses are in US.

When can I begin?

Once you purchase you will have instant access – from the workouts to the meal plans.

From there most people start the next day after they purchase – so they can get the meal plan ready and get themselves set up.

You will also receive emails throughout the program with the assumption that you are starting the day after purchase.

But… when you start is all up to you! So long as you start wink

Is this program mine for life?

You betcha! Everything, from the workout videos to the meal plans, can be downloaded too.

What is your refund policy?

I want you to feel confident that this is the best program for you.

So, if you feel this isn’t the program for you simply email me within 7 days of purchase and I’ll issue you a refund – minus processing fees. These fees are charged to me by Stripe, our payment processor, and range from $4-$8, depending on where you live and the USD conversion rate.

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