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How is Your Mobility & Flexibility?

As we age there a few things that start to disappear if we don’t start to focus on them, with two being are our mobility and our flexibility. Whether it’s because of a past injury, a desk job, too much exercise, or not enough, anyone over the age of 40 should be focusing on their mobility and flexibility for at least a few times a week.

In this 5 video series, we will stretch together, unwind our tight muscles together, and create movement in the joints and muscles. The program is yours for life, and you can even download the videos for those times you don’t have access to WiFi too.

Trainer Lead

Full follow-along movement videos lead by a personal trainer and fitness instructor who has been specializing in women over the
age 40 for 20+ years.

Specialized Videos

Once you sign up for the program you will have instant access to 5 specialized videos to improve your mobility & flexibility with recommendations on how often to do each one for best results.

Home Workouts

All you need is a space the size of a mat, a stretch tie (a bathrobe tie, or an old necktie will do the trick), a pillow, a chair for one, and access to a wall for a couple of the videos.

About Me

PJ Wren

It’s great “to meet” you. If you don’t know about me allow me to give you the “Coles Notes” version of my two + decade career in the fitness industry.

I have been a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness instructor since 1994 – well before anyone really knew what a personal trainer was.

I have owned multiple training studios, I hold several national certifications in the fitness industry, I have written for newspapers and magazines, had a national fitness television show, and I have been YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40 since 2011.

I have a no BS approach to living a healthy life and I believe that moderation is the key to health and happiness.

PJ ox



5 Movement Videos

Full follow along videos, with me teaching proper form and technique throughout, and each in 20-minutes or less so you can easily fit them into your day.

Specialized Programming Specific for the Over 40 Body

The videos inside your plan include: Low Back Love, Hips & Hammies, Thoracic Spine Mobility, Total Body Series #1 and Total Body Series #2. 

Instant Access

No monthly fees and you will get instant access to all the videos – and with the ability to download each video for those times when you might not have access to WiFi.







All FWPJ programs are in US Funds. Please read the bottom of the page for more FAQs & Policies.


Perfect for the inflexible, the tight and the beginner

Help your joints move through their full range of motion with specially designed mobility drills for the over 40 body. Perform dynamic and static stretches to lengthen the muscles. Give some extra love to your low back, hips, hamstrings and shoulders/thoracic spine.

  • Great for beginners 
  • Minimize pain
  • Relieve stress
  • Improve your range of motion
  • In-depth guidance

Improve Your Flexibility

It’s not enough to build muscle and achieve aerobic fitness as we age. We also need to think about our flexibility.


Follow Through

How many times have you said, “I should stretch more”? Let this challenge be the catalyst to get you started.


Because You Love Your Body

Give your body movement that will help it feel better and move with more ease. 




*Prices quoted are in US funds.

Stretch your limits… and your hamstrings.

Whether you want to touch your toes or help ease your low back pain, these videos will help you move better and feel better.

I look forward to working with you!

PJ ox


Do I need equipment?
We recommend a mat, comfortable clothes so you can move freely, and no shoes. There will also be times that you will need a chair, access to a wall, and a yoga tie (I use an old necktie), as well as a pillow.

How long is each video?
15-20 minutes

How do I view the videos?
You can view all the videos in your Member’s Dashboard, you can also download each video if you would like access to them without the use of the internet.

Is this in US funds?
Yes, all of my programs are in US funds because all of my expenses are in US funds. If you would like to pay in Canadian, please email me and we can arrange a PayPal transfer. The program above is $45 CDN.

Do you offer refunds?
Sorry, because these are downloadable digital products once the course is purchased there are no refunds or exchanges.


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