Commit 28 Program

For a healthier, fitter you.

When you’re tired of dieting and

When You Want To Start
Eating Better

A step-by-step 28-day guide to eating healthier. Commit to 28 days and see what kind of magic you can achieve. Because life is not about counting calories (or macros, or carbs)… it’s about kicking ass.


What Is the Commit 28?

28 days of meal plans and recipes

Each week I take the guesswork out of what you should be eating, and lay it all out for you. Almost a month’s worth of meal plans, recipes, and prep guides to help you rock your Commit 28 life.

Workouts at your fingertips

As a bonus, I have also programmed weekly full-body workouts using my most popular YouTube videos so you see results… FAST.

My special 2 day reset

Get your metabolism kickstarted with my special 2 day reset that comes with the Commit 28.

This program is fantastic. PJ adds so much value, energy and motivation. The daily food plans are filling and the workouts are fun.

I finished stronger and incidentally quite a bit lighter as well! I am going to continue to eat using many of PJ’s suggestions and, of course, continue the workouts. I’m feeling motivated to grow stronger and smarter with age!!


How Do I Know If
The Commit 28
Is Right For Me?

If you like things simplified and laid out for you the Commit 28 is for you. What you should be eating each day, to what workout to do, and what you need to prep for the week ahead is laid out
step-by-step, week-by-week.

Is this plan good for vegetarians or vegans?

Great for vegetarians, not so good for vegans. Sorry! I give meatless options, however there is use of eggs and fish.

Can I workout at home?

You sure can! The only tools you need for the workouts are dumbbells (I recommend at least two different weights, preferably three different sizes), and your bodyweight.

How many times a week do I have to commit to workout?

24 hours a day, seven days a week tongue-out Just joking! I have 4 workouts a week scheduled, with recommendations of daily walking, and one extra cardio workout (your choice) if you’re able to fit it it.

What kinds of foods & recipes are on the plan?

Some examples of the recipes are: egg frittatas, protein pancake, quinia Mexican chili, turkey meatballs, bison stew, salmon sandwich, crunchy tuna wrap, no-bake chocolate almond bars, PLUS every Saturday night is your free night. Eat whatever you want innocent It’s your choice.

How much weight will I lose?

This program is designed to help you to reach your natural, balanced weight. 




About Me

It’s great “to meet” you. If you don’t know about me allow me to give you the “Coles Notes” version of my two + decade career in the fitness industry.

I have been a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and fitness instructor since 1994 – well before anyone really knew what a personal trainer was.

I have owned multiple training studios, I hold several national certifications in the fitness industry, I have written for newspapers and magazines, had a national fitness television show, and I have been YouTube’s favourite trainer for women over 40 since 2011.

I have a no BS approach to living a healthy life and I believe that moderation is the key to health and happiness.

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Start today, or start when you’re ready.
The program is yours for life.


Are you ready? Awesome, let’s do this babycakes.


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We are more than a number on a scale

We are strong, we are powerful and our worth is more than whatever number is on the scale.

I don’t want another woman to start another bullsh*t diet, but sadly if you are over 40 you have probably lost track of how many different bullsh*t diets you have been on.

Today it stops.

Today you start loving where you are RIGHT now and then begin working towards where you want to be with a plan that won’t starve you and mess with your metabolism while having you dreaming of carbs every night.

Today we begin with one sensible step followed by another. You with me?

I loved the recipes and not having to think about what to cook for 28 days. Super easy to follow and I felt amazing througout.


From the detox to the step-by-step, week-to-week plan the Commit 28 was totally doable and really well thought out. Thanks PJ!


I lost weight, but more important I lost my craving for sugar!!!! I’m so happy. The foods on the Commit 28 really helped with my cravings.


Not a diet plan! More of a lifestyle plan, getting me back into the habit of eating healthy. I feel fantastic!!!!


How The Program Works

F*ck dieting with this step-by-step, easy to follow program.


Welcome Video

Intro to the Commit 28 plan

My top 7 Trainer Tips

Your Commit 28 10 Commandments

Week 1

Video - About Week 1

2 Day Reset Plan

Day 3-7 Meal Plan

Tips & Food Hacks

Week 1 Prep Guide

3 Days of Strength Workout Videos

1 HIIT Cardio Workout Video

2 Stretch Videos

My 6 Tips to Food Prepping Video

Week 2

Week 2 Meal Plan

9 Rules To Eat Out Healthy

Week 2 Prep Guide

Week 2 Recipes

3 Days of Strength Workout Videos

1 Cardio Workout Video

Full Body Foam Roller Video

Stretch Video

4 Easy Tips to Eating Less Video

Week 3

What a Healthy Diet Needs

Week 3 Meal Plan

Week 3 Prep Guide

Week 3 Recipes

3 Strength Workout Videos

1 Cardio Workout

2 Stretch Videos

Week 4

Week 4 Meal Plan

Week 4 Prep Guide

Week 4 Recipes

3 Strength Workout Videos

1 Tabata Workout

2 Stretch Videos

Commit 28 Program

Commit to 28 days, get yourself back-on-track with your food and your fitness.


*All Fitness with PJ programs are quotes in US dollars.

More Details
  • 28 day meal plan (includes my special 2 day reset plan)
  • 28 days of video workouts 
  • A weekly prep guide
  • Tips on how to snack less & prep like a boss 
  • Easy to make recipes using whole foods
  • Subs given for meat proteins
  • Daily meals include: breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch & dinner


Is this program quoted in CDN or US dollars?

All of FWPJ programs and plans are in US funds because all of our expenses are in US.

When can I begin?

Once you purchase you will have instant access – from the workouts to the meal plans.

So, when you start is all up to you… so long as you start wink

Is this program mine for life?

You betcha! Everything, from the workout videos to the meal plans, can be downloaded. You will also have access to your Member’s Dashboard for 1 year after purchase.

What is your refund policy?

Sorry, because the program contains downloadable products once the course is purchased there are no refunds or exchanges.

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