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What is inflammation?

What we eat plays a central role in regulating inflammation. In fact, scientists have developed a classification system called the Dietary Inflammatory Index that uses growing research to rate foods as pro- or anti-inflammatory. 

It’s no surprise that the typical Western-style diet (often heavy in red and processed meats, refined starches, added sugars and unhealthy fats) is linked to higher inflammation. This type of diet can contribute to weight gain, which likewise increases inflammation and risk of chronic disease.


What Is the Anti-Inflammatory Plan?

A 6-week step-by-step meal plan

This plan is based on getting a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, fibre, fish, and unsaturated fat – all anti-inflammatory foods.


Each week is laid out with a weekly meal plan, grocery list, and suggested workouts from my YouTube channel.

Geared towards results

The recipes are easy to make, the workouts easy to do in your home, and I have also included a 50-minute playback webinar to help you rock your 6-weeks.

Anti-Inflammatory Plan –
Is It Right For Me?

If you want easy-to-make recipes, workouts to do in your home, and need a step-by-step plan to guide you for 6-weeks… then this plan is perfect for you.

Is this plan good for vegetarians or vegans?

There are meat-based recipes in this plan, however, on page 4 there is a list of how to sub out some of the meat-based proteins for plant-based.

What do I need for the workouts?

I recommend at least two pairs of dumbbells, light and heavier pair. I also explain in Week 1 what size dumbbells are best for what fitness level. 

What kinds of foods & recipes are on the plan?

Some examples of your meals may look like this: dried fruit & peanut butter breakfast cookies, edamame & chicken Greek salad, dijon salmon with green bean rice pilaf (my personal fave!), slow cooker black bean soup, high-protein banana muffins

How much weight will I lose?

Weight loss is not the goal of this plan. The goal is to get you eating healthier, so you feel better. While you may lose body fat, what I want you to pay attention to more is how fabulous you feel!

I loved the simplicity of the plan!


My whole family loved the recipes. Thank you!


I lost my desire for sugar. I couldn’t be happier!



Get the plan, the recipes, the webinar replay, plus the best workouts from my YouTube channel to help you feel amazing.

My Story

I help women over the age 40 reclaim the tush of their 20’s (as well tone all their other muscles) with strength training workouts that they can do home, while giving them simple and realistic ways to improve their diet and health.

Combine the two and the magic happens.

I’m passionate about women over 40 because I am over 40 myself.

I know what it feels like to be middle-aged, and what it’s like to have a hot flash while looking for my bloody reading glasses.

I’m honoured you choose me, in the HUGE ocean of fitness professionals, to help you get fit, get strong and get fierce.

I promise to only give it to ya straight, while listening to what you want, and what you need.

Anti-Inflammatory Plan

This meal plan is chock full of simple and delicious recipes that are designed to get you feeling your best.

Each week is divided into a nutritionist-written meal plan, grocery list, and prep ideas and plans.

While many people will find this to be the easiest solution, we know your palate may not love every single recipe, which is why we made every meal and snack interchangeable.

Simply plug in a recipe you love and you’ll be good to go!

6-Week Anti-Inflammatory Plan 

A plan to help you start feeling your best!


*All Fitness with PJ programs are quotes in US dollars.

More Details
  • 6-week meal plan
  • Recipes
  • Meal prep ideas
  • My Best Meditation apps
  • 6-weeks of workouts 
  • Daily meals include: breakfast, 2 snacks, lunch & dinner
  • Interchange any recipe to meet your taste requirements
  • Extra food suggestions for men

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