40-Minute Dumbbell Cardio Workout

This workout kicked my ass.

I loved it! Haha… and I think you will too.

Now, if you are just starting out with fitness I still totally recommend this workout. I show how to modify each move, as well as how to keep the moves low impact.

So, no worries! I got your back.



A pair light dumbbells


1. Front raise squat to burpee (or squat to front raise)
2. Rotational side to side taps
3. Left arm woodchop
4. Right arm woodchop
2 x 40sec

5. Press to split squat
6. Rotational swing
7. Other leg forward press to split squat
8. Side lunge with around the world dumbbell pass
9. Skiers
10. Other leg side lunge to around the world DB pass
2 x 40sec

And then do the whole thing again 1x as a complete circuit πŸ™‚Β 


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