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21 Day Challenge

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21 Day Challenge

  • Kickstart yourself for summer
  • Get healthier
  • Move better
  • Feel amazing

Challenge kicks off May 8

The challenge:

  • You agree to 4 workouts a week at The Studio for 21 days (May 8-28)
  • Each day you will implement a healthier habit and commit to it for 21 days (every morning a new healthy habit will be emailed)
  • You commit to attending at least one of our Stretch & Roll classes
  • You must be a current client of The Studio to join

A sample of the healthy habits:

  • Drink more water
  • Floss your teeth
  • Do 1 stretch
  • Add 5 fruits and veggies to your daily diet


Challenge kicks off May 8th.


Free to member's.


Prizes to be won.



How it works:

  • After each workout place a sticker by your name on our Challenge board we will be putting up. By the end of the Challenge you should have 12 stickers by your name.
  • At the start of the Challenge you will begin receiving an email every morning with a new healthy habit to implement for the Challenge (and then hopefully for life, after that).
  • These habits could range from: drinking more water, adding green veggies into your daily diet, meditating, walking etc
  • Each healthy habit will build onto the last one. So, by the end of the challenge you will be adding 21 healthy habits into your day.
  • Win prizes just for signing up!
  • Win a 30-massage from our friends at Better Still Day Spa
  • Win Vega gifts, The Studio gear, protein powder from our buddies at Reflex or gift cards to Thrifty Foods

It's gonna be awesome!

Keep your head high, your glutes tight, and your coffee strong.

PJ Wren

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