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Tough love workouts for all levels of fitness.

Partner Stretches

Have you ever had a Thai massage? OMG, if you haven’t you must! It’s like yoga, but someone else does all the heavy lifting. You just lie there while someone else stretches you. It’s pure bliss. I have had a few and even took a Thai Yoga Massage course a number of years ago. But,…

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20-Minute No Jump Cardio Workout

A 20-minute cardio workout you can do in your living room – with absolutely no jumping!  “You look like a spaz!”. Was the first thing to leave my lips when I turned around and saw how loving husband was interpreting my squat and hamstring curl combo. I wasn’t being mean. It was just the honest truth.…

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25-Minute Bodyweight Strength & Ab Workout

A 25-minute total body workout, using no equipment, with emphasis on the abs! Guess what? Loving husband is back! He has agreed to film workouts with me again, with the promise that he gets to do all the easy and modified moves. So, I said of course and then conveniently forgot about my promise and…

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Sore Knees Workout

Sore Knees Total Body Workout

A workout hitting all the muscles in the body, without any squats, lunges or jumping.   I am getting old. That is what I told myself after filming season 7 of “Fitness with PJ” for Delta Cable. For those of you who don’t live locally, or have Eastlink cable in Canada, I have a 30-minute fitness…

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25-Minute Total Body Pump Workout

25-Minute Total Body Pump

A total body workout – shaken not stirred.  Wow, it’s been a ling time since I blogged. How long you wonder? Well, the last blog I dropped was back in May. That’s a 3-month break in real time and like a 2-year break in terms of the internet. My break was much needed, though. While I love…

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